BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Thunder are one in the same

Aug 28, 2008

As you know, sometimes when a mobile device is released on two different carriers, they sport different model numbers. However, a complete product rename for a different carrier is somewhat unheard of. Even so, that's precisely what RIM has done with the BlackBerry Storm 9530--it is also the BlackBerry Thunder.

Apparently, the BlackBerry Storm name is for when the device is released on Verizon Wireless and the Thunder moniker is for other carriers like Vodafone and Rogers. It's an odd move, for sure.

The leaked packaging shows some of the device's specs such as a 3.5mm headset jack and a pre-installed SIM card. An 8GB microSD is also included, but there's no Wi-Fi. Intended to be a "global phone" The BlackBerry Storm, Thunder, whatever you want to call it, will most likely be released sometime in October on Verizon.

[via The Boy Genius Report]

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