Bird Electron Ezison 100 iPhone guitar is crying out for DIY remake

Jan 25, 2010

Bad news first: only fifty of these handmade Bird Electron Ezison 100 iPhone guitar speakers are going to be made, and they cost around $290 each.  The good news is that they'd make for an awesome DIY project.  Intended to work with one of the various guitar apps available for the iPhone and iPod touch, the Ezison 100 has a 2W digital amp and runs off three AA batteries.

Crafted from plywood and acrylic, with a nifty little plectrum to stop the iPhone from falling out, the Ezison 100 measures roughly 450 x 150 x 35 mm and weighs 650g.  Bird Electron warn that "the sound may sound distorted" but we reckon that would only add to the charm.

Japanese sales kicked off last week, and we can't imagine they'll hand around for long.  Still, if you've got some DIY skills of your own, battery powered amp kits are readily available and you could make a different guitar shape to suit every type of music you play.

[via CrunchGear]

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