Bionic Ballerina Features 17 Lasers and LEDs, Dances the Night Away [Video]

Dec 17, 2010

While LEDs can be used in as something as small as as round, magnet-rich flashlight that looks like a deep-water mine, they are better equipped to make normal things, like dancing, look ridiculously awesome in the right situations. The Bionic Ballerina is a classically trained ballerina from Russia named Milena, who has been training to dance since she was only five years old.

Her undeniable skills in dancing have landed her a spot with Zhantra Entertainment. In such, she's become a world famous "bionic ballerina." So famous in fact, that she's even got herself a Facebook page, with a growing number of fans. 164 (at the time of this writing) may not seem like many, but we imagine that as the video below gets passed around on the Internet, that number will certainly change. The Bionic Ballerina features 17 lasers that have been hooked up to Milena's body. These lasers work in tangent with the numerous LEDs hooked onto her dress. The result is a dance that's full of lights and spectacle, and you can watch it below.

[via DVICE]

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