Best Buy confirms $99 Motorola Devour for Feb 25th, reprices Moto Droid/HTC Eris

Feb 22, 2010

After first being confirmed for $99, then afterwards being confirmed for $149, Best Buy has finally reconfirmed pricing back at $99 for the Motorola Devour via its official Facebook page, and will be available starting this Thursday, February 25th.

Pricing for the Devour is now definitively set at $99.99 after new agreement without any additional Best Buy related rebates required, with Verizon sticking the Devour with its own $249.99 pricetag before an additional $100 mail-in rebate, a total of $149.99.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Droid will also be lowered to $99 and the Droid Eris will be free after a new contract, both pricing will start on February 25th, along the Devour launch.

{Facebook via Android Community]

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