Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver does exactly what you’d expect

Dec 16, 2009

Bluetooth stereo gateways aren't especially new, so you may as well go for the one that hits the best price point and chucks in a few helpful additional features.  The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver is latest to hit the market, a compact $49.99 dongle that can receive streamed audio from your iPhone, iPod touch or in fact any device capable of A2DP, and funnel it into your home stereo or standalone speakers.

So far, so normal, but Belkin have given the Music Receiver memory for up to six devices, which means there'll be less re-pairing to be done if more than one person wants to stream to it (or, equally likely, you want to use various different Bluetooth devices).  We're guessing only one can be actively connected at any one time, however.

Otherwise it's simple to set up - as long as whatever you're plugging it into has 3.5mm or RCA stereo inputs, since Belkin include both cables - and range is up to 33ft.  The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver is available now in the US, priced at $49.99; it'll arrive in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia come March 2010.


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