Batman Tumbler golf cart is slower than original (but easier to park)

Jun 24, 2010

There's no denying that in the world of DIY Tumbler replicas - a pretty small world, we'll grant you - Bob Dullam's full-sized version leads the pack; still, we've a lot of love for this dinky Tumbler golf cart version too.  Spotted by This LA Life on the Warner Bros. studio lot, the Batman-themed buggy was originally thought to be film director Chris Nolan's ride of choice but later turned out to belong to another, unnamed director who just so happens to be a huge Batman fan.

Our guess is that the golf cart lacks the outright speed - together with the weapons - of the original Tumbler, but is probably easier to park.  No word on what comes out of the jet engine at the back, either.  There's been a suggestion that the cart is the handiwork of animatronics and prop specialists Marc's Creature Company, though we can't find any sign of it on their site.

[via technabob]

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