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iTunes gets a few changes for the better

The last bit of news Phil had for us before stepping off the stage was opened with the famous “One last thing….” line.  This news is about iTunes oddly enough. To date Apple has sold 6 million songs through iTunes and is now the largest media library with 75 million accounts.

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Apple announces new 17-inch MacBook Pro with integrated battery

Last year was a big year for MacBooks, but Apple did not decide to stop there as they announced a new 17-inch MacBook Pro which is named the “world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch notebook” at just 0.98-inches thick. We are happy to announce that the resolution is 1920 x with a 700:1 contrast ratio that is 60-percent greater color gamut.

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iLife 09 announced with the addition of three new ‘Events’

Today at the last MacWorld expo Phil Schiller started off with details on the newest installment of iLive, iLive 09. The first portion that was announced is the addition of more “events” in iPhoto such as Faces. This feature uses face recognition to identify people in photos and then pick that particular person out of photos in your album. You can also create an auto-corkboard of people in which you can then tag people to identify who they are. From there you can confirm the different people that Faces finds for you.

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HP announces the new HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA

Today HP has finally announced the new HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA. This high-performance desktop PC delivers luxury in an energy-efficient design to suit just about anyone. The successor to the HP Blackbird 002 was created with a rich technology innovation in an ultra-quiet, energy-efficient package.

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