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iPhone 3G selling in France without a contract

When Apple was thinking about selling the iPhone 3G in France, they elected to go with Orange as the exclusive carrier, however the problem is France prohibits carriers to extend this lock longer than a six month period.

In addition to this limitation French service provider Bouygues Telecom SA, filed a complaint with the Competition Council about that agreement back in September. The Competition Council reached a decision earlier this month in which any French carrier would be able to offer the iPhone 3G if they so choose.

Bouygues Telecom and SFR still have yet to begin selling the iPhone 3G as FNAC has. From what we hear the iPhone 3G that FNAC is selling is an unlocked version, but we are still unclear. For now you can pick up the 8GB version for of €799 ($1,122USD), in France, or the 16BG version for €899 ($1,262USS).

G-Dog Servo Robot Puppy

G-Robots has created a tiny robot dog kit that actually seems like it would be a lot of fun. The kit appears to be fairly easy to assemble making it great for just about anyone. This robot’s movements are pretty amazing, it is able to get itself off of the ground with almost no trouble at all.

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Tweebay combines classifieds with Twitter

Yesterday Paul Rawlings launched the UK developed Tweebay. I know we are all scratching our heads and thinking this sounds very familiar. Well your guess could not have been very far off from the reality of it all. Tweebay is a classified listing that you can post with your Twitter account.

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Refurbished iPhone 3G now from only $99

Not long ago AT&T started offering the iPhone 3G in a refurbished condition for $50 off the original price. That’s $149 for the 8GB version and $249 for the 16GB version. Not h much of a discount for a phone that was purchased, found defective and then returned and fixed.

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TechFaith ships first Windows Mobile based touchscreen to Mexico

These days’ smartphones are quickly building popularity just about everywhere in the world. TechFaith Wireless has just announced their first carrier-supported smartphone to be released in Mexico.  The handset that is set to be released will be called the Techfaith Moffet.

The new Techfaith Moffet is a CDMA-based smartphone that has 3G among older generation specifications. Iusacell will sell this smartphone, which includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, music player, 3G and a 2.8-inch touchscreen.  As outdated as it seems this smartphone will be running Windows Mobile 6.0, yes 6.0 folks.

TechFaith is putting their money on the fact that they will be able to sell many more devices on a carrier than they have been able to do when selling unlocked handsets in the past. “We’re very pleased to ship the first pocket PC CDMA to Mexico,” said Wilson Cai, Deputy CEO for TechFaith. “The shipment of this high-performing, Windows Mobile based pocket PC is a significant milestone for TechFaith. We expect the device to be very successful in the Mexican market.”

Nintendo bringing video content to the Wii

Yesterday Nintendo Co. said they will be offering videos through their very popular Wii gaming console. Nintendo is finally trying to catch up with their competing consoles the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Nintendo will be developing original programming which Wii users will be able to access via the internet and watch on their TV.

Nintendo is considering both free and paid video content at the moment. Nintendo will be teaming up with Japan's leading advertising firm Dentsu Inc to developer this service. It looks like Japan will be getting this service next year with a goal of expanding to foreign markets if all goes as planned.  Both companies are reaching out to business to help take part in developing original Wii videos.

Forty percent of the 34.55 million Wii gaming consoles are sitting in living rooms next to TV sets already. "Nintendo and Dentsu shall use the environment surrounding the Wii so that living rooms with Wii-ready TVs would become more of a fun area for communication among families and friends," the firms said in a joint statement.