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Papermaster lacked Apple “creative thinking” says WSJ; Jobs green-lighted iPhone 4 antenna

Further speculation on Mark Papermaster's departure from Apple has emerged, with the WSJ weighing in with some sources of their own.  Their insiders say Papermaster - who, it was revealed over the weekend, has either resigned or been fired from his position as senior vice president for mobile devices at Apple - had been experiencing ongoing "difficulty maneuvering Apple's internal politics" and had "lost the confidence" of CEO Steve Jobs "months ago".

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iPhone 4 “antenna guy” Mark Papermaster leaves Apple

The iPhone 4 antenna saga looks to have claimed a high-profile victim, as Mark Papermaster - the executive responsible for the Apple smartphone's hardware - has left the company.  According to the NY Times, Papermaster's role will be immediately assumed by Bob Mansfield, SVP of Mac hardware engineering.  There's no official word on whether Papermaster left Apple of his own accord or was fired from his position.

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Able Planet XG Foldable Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

Able Planet have carved something of a niche for themselves, with a range of headphones that mix together active noise cancellation you'd usually see on high-end travel headphones and prices you'd expect from the highstreet. Their latest are the Extreme XNC230W headphones, an entry-level pair that promise more portability while still cutting out background audio. Check out the full review after the cut.

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Google Earth is now available for Android 2.1

After over two years since it was released for the iPhone, Google Earth has finally made available to Android users. It takes advantage of the voice recognition features on Android 2.1; unfortunately users with devices running Android older than 2.1 would have to wait before they can use this app.

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LG X140 Netbook Spotted in the wild

Wayerless managed to get a hands-on time with the upcoming LG X140 netbook. It is powered by the new 32nm Intel Atom N450 and equipped with 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, 1.3 Megapixel webcam, plus six cell-battery. The screen panned 10.1” with resolution of 1024x600.

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Android Motorola MOTOSPLIT to have dynamic dual-sliding touchscreen QWERTY?

Over at Android Community they've acquired a leaked image and some information about the rumored Motorola MOTOSPLIT, the distinctive Android smartphone expected to arrive on AT&T come Q3 2010.  According to the source, the MOTOSPLIT's QWERTY 'board can actually be a numeric keypad or indeed any layout; that's because it uses touch-sensitive monochrome displays for keys, which can dynamically change to suit use.

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Unlocked AT&T Nexus One is Google’s secret second handset?

Since leaked specifications, FCC testing and hands-on evidence regarding the Google Nexus One seemingly confirmed that the Android 2.1 smartphone would only support 3G/UMTS on T-Mobile USA, those AT&T subscribers eyeing up the handset have been steadying themselves for a diet of EDGE-only data.  That diet may not be quite so concrete, however; a last-minute rumor has filtered through to BGR that Google will also be offering a second, unlocked Nexus One which would support AT&T 3G bands.

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