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Amazon pilot season brings ten new show pilots

Pilot season has begun with Amazon and they are asking for help in deciding which of the shows will go on to become a full series. There are ten pilots in total. That group of ten includes some comedy and drama shows and five intended for the younger audience. Regardless of the intended audience, Amazon has all ten of the pilots available for viewing through the Instant Video service.

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HP Chromebox detailed ahead of spring arrival

Following the Chromebox for Meetings offering announced by Google earlier in the day, HP has offered some further details on its Chromebox. There has yet to be any details released in terms of the pricing, however HP has said the Chromebox will be arriving in the spring. Essentially, you are looking at a small desktop computer running Chrome OS, however Google and HP have said this will be compatible with Chromebox for Meetings.

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SCOTTEVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest brings the pocket count to 42

SCOTTEVEST is known for making clothing for the gadget enthusiast. Simply put, the clothing, whether it be pants or shorts, a jacket, or one of the many other options -- all have lots of pockets for carrying your gear. Those checking out SCOTTEVEST gear will find pockets large and small, and there is even some options for interior cable routing. That having been said, the folks at SCOTTEVEST have recently unveiled a few new pieces, one of which has the pocket count closing in on 50.

Continue Reading Mother eyes-on: turn everyday items smart was here at CES 2014 showing off a monitoring system called Mother. The Mother works in conjunction with sensors which are called Cookies and these can be used to monitor a variety of things. Some use case examples include getting notified when the kids arrive home, how long they brush their teeth, or as a reminder to take your medicine.

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Mimo baby monitor onesie hands-on

Rest Devices has been showing off the Mimo baby monitor here at CES 2014. While the baby monitor portion of the name may bring thoughts of a camera and screen setup allowing you to remotely look in on your sleeping child -- the Rest Devices product is actually a wearable and as a result, it is able to offer quite a bit in terms of detail.

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