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The People Vs. Comcast

Why is Comcast still in business? There are other companies out there that provide better service at better prices. Comcast is a bully of a corporation that regularly ignores FCC mandates, and has been caught in some compromising situations in the last few months.

Microsoft’s Zune Hacked for USB Storage

Looks like the new Zune has already been hacked. Nothing major, it just allows you to do something that you should be able to do without editing the registry. Change a few characters here and there and you have yourself a giant USB drive.

Lantic Systems introduces world’s priciest remote

Lantic Systems has released a solid gold version of it's already expensive RC1 remote. The circular remote will control just about anything and everything in your house. Try not to panic every time you lose this $55,000 remote between the couch and the wall.

Nokia N82 looks good on paper

Back in the day, Nokia could do no wrong. Everything was candy bar style and nobody knew any better. Those were the good old days of analog. and coincidentally the last time Nokia made a robust phone.

SanDisk’s Vaulter launches your loading speeds

SanDisk is producing a solid state drive that works side by side your existing hard drive, to speed up booting, and eliminate long load times on frequently used files. The drive is in PCI Express form, so it will work in your desktop or notebook computers.

Nintendo warns of Holiday Wii shortages

If you are expecting a Wii under the tree this holiday season, you may be disappointed to find you got a new sweater instead. Nintendo has announced that their production factories are working at full steam, but it will not be enough to meet the consumer demand.

Inexpensive, Small and fuel effecient : the Smart Car

Ken Kettenbeil believes that the wave of our automotive future will be the Smart Car. Mr. Kettenbeil is a spokesman for Smart USA, a smart car manufacturer, who has received 30,000 reservation for their tiny transports.

MimoBots ready to eat your data

Who needs a boring old flash drive when you could have a MimoBot? Character based "Designer" USB flash drives, MimoBots have been released for sale in the states after enjoying many years of success in Japan.

Wolf King’s strange circular fixation

It looks like Wolf King is trying to start a trend with their odd brand of circular gaming keyboards (check out previous reviews here, and here). I'm not so sure if it will catch on, but it has that strange, novel, appeal that keeps me coming back for more.

Nissan’s Paramagnetic paint

The days of "car color envy" are gone. Nissan has developed a new type of paint that allows you to change the color of your car with the flip of a switch. An electric current runs through the Paramagnetic paint changing the color to your desired shade, or mood.

IOGEAR’s GBMH221 will WOW you

The new IOGEAR and SRS labs collaboration delivers SRS wow HD to your Bluetooth enabled devices. They claim you'll get "beautifully crisp" audio quality and 6 hours of playback.

Santa’s Slide Show Christmas ornament

This was inevitable... With the huge popularity of the LCD picture frames last holiday season. Christmas Trees around the globe will now glow with LCD goodness all season long.

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