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Philips Lite-on BD-ROM

This is just another step in the direction of DVDs being completely obsolete. Philips and Taiwan's, Lite-on IT unveiled a High definition BluRay Disk-rom (BD-rom) drive on the 14th.

Kindle eBook reader: Available Monday?

According to the buzz about the net online retail giant, Amazon will begin selling their Kindle eBook reader to compete directly with Sony's PRS-505, and Cybook. Amazon's Kindle seems to be a bit overpriced at $399, compared  Sony's at $299 and $350 respectively. Could it have anything to do with built in EV-DO?

Philips Xenium 9@9 – 17 hours of talk time

Why can't we get phones like these in the United States? I have to charge my phone every night if not twice a day. But if you're lucky enough to live in Asia - Philips only wireless market - you can now go for two months without charging your phone.

MSI PR200, The Crystal clad luxury notebook

MSI will be releasing a luxury, ultra portable known as the PR200. It's a 12.1 inch, 3.9 pound ‘pearl white’ notebook, with crystals lining the lid. MSI has loaded some nice hardware inside, but will it truly be luxury, or just overpriced?

HTC Shadow Review: T-mobile’s gone to the dark side, and I love it

The HTC Shadow is a new Windows Mobile 6 based smart phone for T-mobile service. It has a lot of potential and after spending some time with it, I really appreciate the amount of work that HTC puts into its phones.

Nintendo holding out on a new DS

Rumors have been floating around the gaming community that Nintendo has completed a redesign of their explosively popular DS portable gaming system. The official word is "no comment." But maybe Nintendo's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication, George Harrison, didn't get the memo.

Dashwire: Not just an online backup solution

Seattle based Dashwire, is looking to change the way you use your Windows Mobile based cell phone. Ford Davidson, founder and CEO of Dashwire, wants you to put your cell phone on the shelf and click through its contents with this web based cellphone management tool. Dashwire will automatically pull your contact information, text messages, and media from your phone and make it available to view, edit, and download online.

Confederate Renovatio: it’s ok to drool

The Renovatio is the slickest motorcycle design I have ever laid eyes on. It's a design from Confederate Motor Company hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Feast your eyes on this V-twin, SFI, 135 hp beast.

LG removable acoustic transducers

I've never really been a fan of wireless headsets. It always takes me a second to realize that the man standing next to me in line at the grocery store is actually in the middle of a phone conversation, not the crazed one sided dialog that it seemed. But I'll make a concession for this cool new concept from LG.

High definition images from Japanese lunar explorer

How many robotic explorers has the US sent into space? I'd say around sixteen, give or take a few.  All we get back are grainy images that look no better than the $15 dollar webcam you can buy at the corner store. Leave it to the Japanese space program to strap a Hi-def camera to their first lunar satellite, and the resulting images are breathtaking.


The portable Card Mini Boom Box

A bit of nostalgia for your MP3 player. This faux boom box is a bit of a do-it-yourself project. It's shipped as flat cardboard with two speakers and two AA batteries. I can't guarantee that the sound quality will be phenomenal, but it would be a cool desktop speaker system for the cubical.

NEC SP-NA640 sends handwriting to your cell phone

The SP-NA640 is an interesting concept. Basically it scans whatever you feed in, turns it in to an image and emails it to a cell phone or computer. It may be quicker than scanning an image on a flatbed scanner, and emailing it yourself. I'm sure there are a hundred other things you could do with the desk space that it would take up.

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