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Asus R50A UMPC – Sports a GPS

This new UMPC from Asus is like nothing you've ever seen before. the R50A integrates all of the mobile technology you could ever need into one tiny ultra-portable. Plus it's from Asus, who can't seem to produce anything but amazing products right now.

Erasable Tattoos – just in case you change your mind

Ever wanted to get a tattoo, but were afraid you might regret it ten years down the road? Well worry no more. Thanks to Freedom-2 (a tattoo ink think tank of sorts) who have developed an easily removable tattoo ink based on the same concept as scratch-n-sniff stickers.

Jump Up Boot camp for Korean internet addicts

You know you're playing to much World of Warcraft when your family signs you up for an Internet addiction boot camp. Korea says 30 precent of the population under 18, is at risk for Internet addiction. Internet addiction is classified as spending more than two hours a day online, as well as 'anger and craving when prevented from logging on.'

‘Matchlight’ won’t set your house on fire

Now you can play play with matches, and not burn your finger tips. The Matchlight lamp set come with sixteen magnetic 'matches' that can be stuck together to create cool, geometric shapes, or as you see in the picture below - random, nonsense piles.  


Skypephone flying off of the shelves

British mobile phone provider 3, recently introduced a prepaid cellular phone powered by the popular Skype VoIP service. For a small minimum monthly payment of around £10, you can make unlimited Skype calls. Much to their surprise the phone has been selling out, and nearly impossible to find in most markets.

Alienware Area 51 M9750 review – Media powerhouse

An Alienware computer is a mythical beast. Ever since Alienware started making computers in 1996, gamers and power hungry PC addicts have drooled over their speed, processing power, and overall design. This is the first time I've ever spent more than a couple hours with an Alienware machine, so I wasn't truly privy to the finer points of an Alienware. All I can really say is that I've never been so impressed with the performance of a notebook computer.

Logitech QuickCam Optics upgrade

Logitech has finally revamped their high end series of QuickCam Orbit web cams. This is not the first Logitech camera to be upgraded to Carl Zeiss optics, but it's probably the most exciting. Well, just about as exciting as web cams get.

Apple tracking iPhones through weather and stock applications

Recent strings found in the Weather and Stock applications on the iPhone, and the iPod Touch indicate that Apple is tracking where you are and what stocks you're looking up. Whenever you access the Stock or Weather application the data is sent to an URL along with your IMEI (the fingerprint of any GSM cell phone).

Supratherm, stay warm with this cool radiator

It's a radiator in the form of modern art. This cool design comes all the way from Germany, from a company called Sprinz. Sprinz has designed a radiator that uses slabs of glass to generate heat. As if that weren't cool enough, you can choose different themes for your radiator including a fireplace theme.

SlashGear week in review, issue 1

SlashGear week in review, issue 1

So, this week we decided to try something new, every week, at the end of the week, we are going to do a Week In Review where we take a quick glance back to all products we covered and any and all other especially interesting news. its kind of like a "what you might have missed" for the end of the week, a summary if you will. So, please, leave us a comment and let us know if you like it, or if there is something you think we should add or remove from it, thanks again for reading.

From Guitar Hero III to the LG Venus, we covered a lot of ground this past week. With the holidays fast approaching, the gadget news seems to be overflowing. We covered plenty of cool gifts for your Mom, Dad, Son or Daughter. Whether your looking to buy a modest stocking stuffer such as the Mood beams, or truly splurge on luxury. Lets not forget one of the biggest announcements of the week, with the launch of the Android SDK and platform, the potential future of the mobile world, don't forget to check out, you could be one of the lucky recipients of a portion of that $10 million in developer cash Google is ponying up.

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LG Venus Unboxing: Two screens are better than one

The new LG Venus is being a bit overshadowed by bigger wireless releases this holiday season, such as the Verizon's own Voyager. But this touchscreen, slider phone really stands out once you get your hands on it. We've got the unboxing video for you, together with a quick comparison to the Voyager.

Alienware M9750 Unboxing Sporting Samsung 64GB SSD

Today we unboxed an Alienware M9750 laptop with dual 32GB SSD from Sandisk. The laptop was provided to us by Alienware, via Samsung Semiconductor Group. This will give us a chance to bench mark the Samsung versus Sandisk solid state drive.

Make sure to check out our 64GB Samsung drive that we revealed earlier this month.

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