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Nexus One arriving to Vodafone UK in April

The Telegraph has reported that the Nexus One will be launching in the UK with Vodafone, on sale through only, as the company had announced earlier.  The British news site hasn't named actual sources but says that those close to both companies have confirmed an April launch.

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Statistics reveal that Android owners are predominantly male

When it comes to the Android platform, statistics reveal that over seventy percent (73% to be exact) of users are male, whereas on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and webOS platforms, there is much less of a skew towards either side.  The findings come from analytics firm Admob’s January report, which also includes several other studies like the ages of smartphone owners, and interest in the forthcoming iPad.

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Leak in 2-million gallon shark tank in world’s largest mall in Dubai [Video]

Shopping for a pair of Seven jeans or JCrew jacket turns into a nightmare for shoppers at the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping center, when the glass of its massive 2.66-million gallon aquarium cracked, leading to an outpour of water onto customers.  The Dubai aquarium was designed to hold more than 33,000 animals and 85 species, including more than 400 sharks and stingrays, according to Dubai's Khaleej Times.  Video of the leak caught after break.

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