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Everex gPC Mini – because the Mac Mini wasn’t good enough

It has a 1.86GHz Intel dual core mobile processor (its model number is T2130 which signifies a new Core 2 Duo chip, but it could be the older Pentium D chips). It also has a half gig of RAM, 120GB HDD, a DVD Burner, gigabit Ethernet and more.

NHS-130C Rack Mounted home theaters system from Sony

You would think that if someone was going to put out the money for a system like this, it would be a bit more practical than this particular system is. However this thing is loaded with all HD and SD goodness that you could possibly want from top to bottom.

Fujitsu 500GB notebook HDD released

Fujitsu has finally done it, they’ve caught up with Hitachi in releasing a 500GB notebook HDD. It has the 2.5” form factor and uses a mere 1.8 watts of power.

The lower power requirements make it greener than Hitachi’s offering. Chances are Fujitsu’s drive will be a bit cheaper than the Hitachi drive when it drops by the end of May this year.

Waveboat makes your Waverunner a boat

‘They say money doesn't buy happiness. That phrase should end with "just kidding".’ For those of you who recognize that quote, you have an idea where this is going, but lets start with the $8000 price tag for this Jet Ski accessory.

Scaleo home server by Fujitsu, full details

There are going to be two models the first is the 1500 the second is the 1900. They both with have an Intel Celeron 4xx processor, half a gig of DDR2, 256MB of flash storage, gigabit LAN, 4xUSB (two front, two back), 2x eSATA, and then all the media, instruction booklets, and cables necessary to get things going.

Coconut Guitar Amp made by Steve Lodefink

I don’t know how he did it, but he did. He put an small amplifier, jack, power on LED, and volume knob in a coconut.

IFA 2007 – Archos introduce new PMPs across the board

There was something for everyone at Archos' stand at IFA 2007 - well, if you wanted a PMP, that is - with a broad range of new media players catering for every spec-demand and budget.  Since I'm nothing if not greedy, I'll start at the top with the brand spanking new 605 WiFi and its swanky DVR base-station; we knew it was coming after it received FCC approval back in July, but there's nothing quite like seeing a 4.3-inch touchscreen toting, web-surfing, media downloading masterpiece in the flesh.

IFA 2007 – Nikon unveils high-end D3 and D300 Digital SLR cameras

None of this point-&-shoot nonsense for Nikon; they used IFA 2007 to launch their D3 and D300 digital-SLR camera bodies.  If high-quality photography is your thing, then one of these two models may be the choice for you: the D300 is a relatively compact, super-fast shooter, with a new 12.3-megapixel DX format CMOS sensor coupled with a Nikon-exclusive digital image processing system, while the D3 is a true heavyweight contender, packing Nikon's original 12.1-megapixel FX format sensor and extreme ISO support.