Kayla Dube

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United States
J. Everette Light Center
Video Games, Social Media, Entertainment, Video Editing
  • Kayla has been a freelance writer for over 2 years, covering video editing, social media, entertainment, gaming, and more.
  • She's an Adobe Certified Associate for Adobe Premiere Pro, and is enjoys using Photoshop and After Effects.
  • Kayla has spent time as a video editor for multiple indie studios, and knows her way around DSLR cameras, sound equipment, lighting equipment, and more to create content.


Kayla grew up in Maine, but now currently lives in Tennessee as a freelance writer. She spent two years being instructed in the craft of filmmaking, and 2 more years working as a video editor, cinematographer, sound designer, and more in the film industry. Kayla has also always had a passion for writing, and two years ago decided to pursue this in combination with her love for photo and video content creation. In her spare time, she loves to play video games, travel, and paint.


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