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True GPS finally available for the Sprint Mogul

True GPS finally available for the Sprint Mogul

I was one of the first people to buy a Sprint Branded HTC Mogul, and one of the things that made it so attractive at the time was the promise of a free Rev. A upgrade and true day. Well it looks as if the day recently came for those still using their Moguls, and although I am no longer one of them, all that's left is to hear how well it really works.

Joel at has written about the experience of upgrading his Mogul to EV-DO Rev.A, which he said brought a "a much needed speed increase for both download and upload."

The other benefit was, as the Sprint press release put it, the enabling of "advanced GPS functionality allowing support of popular applications such as Sprint Navigation. Sprint Navigation provides audio and visual turn-by-turn directions, more than 10 million local listings, and one-click traffic rerouting on compatible phones, similar to an in-vehicle GPS system."

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