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Jisus, Christ, who is this Van Der Led guy?

So Van Der Led is making these new notebooks, that look like Pimped Eee PCs, and calling them Jisus. No, I am not kidding, and as far as I know, this is not a joke, they are literally calling these notebooks Jisus.

Axiomtek eBox630-821-FL – world’s most irrelevant name ever

What deserves such a long and confusing title? Why nothing more than a new ruggedized compact Linux PC. It’s targeted for automation, digital signage, or for in your car for navigation, media serving, web surfing, whatever.

Mitsubishi LaserVue to be the brand of the future – not sharks, but TVs with lasers

Mitsubishi today announced the official product line name of their upcoming laser televisions. The new technology is expected to birth its first product by Q3 this year, just in time for holiday sales.

The first laser TV from Mitsubishi is supposedly going to be a 65” model. The TV will be able to display twice the colors of standard or even current HD televisions.

Lady Attaché flash drive from PNY – even Paris would say “That’s Hot!”

This new flash drive from PNY doesn’t have any special technical features, it packs in your choice of two or four gigabytes of storage and is built in such a way that when closed the USB port is protected. What it does have is a bit of fashionable appeal attached to it due to its design, shape, and color allowing it to be an attractive storage option to all the ladies out there who prefer attractive gadgets.

Everex MyMiniPC with gOS Space 2.9 and MySpace apps – they have truly taken the budget PC to a whole new level

I have yet to get my grubby little hands on one of these things and I am already feeling my mouth water at the anticipation of what they’ve done just with the software side of things. If you thought for one second that you could do everything you do on the internet, this new version of gOS with the MySpace functionality added.

SlashGear Week In Review – 03/30/08 – 04/05/08

Well, a lot has happened this past week and this is just a little recap for those of you that aren’t big fans of back reading through pages of articles. I highly recommend you at least skim through and make sure there isn’t something really interesting that you missed, but here’s a brief overview.

Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case – iPhoneBuzz putting it through its paces

Sure we aren’t the first to get one of these things, but we are going to take our time, at least the whole weekend in fact, to get familiarized. We’ll put this supposed signal boosting iPhone case through its paces and see what comes out the other end.

Why are Computer Manufacturers regressing with technology?

Is it just me or is it a growing trend these days for more and more of the excitable and highly marketable to be using low end, often times single-core, processors of the past? Why did Intel and AMD even bother developing dual and quad core chips when we were going to wind up going back to single core chips, and even VIA processors?

Outsourced Comcast Tech goes medieval on Xbox Live cheaters

Sir Lagzalot from the Halo 3 forums made a post where he claimed to be working for Comcast. Furthermore he claimed to use his notably high level of access to get revenge on some Xbox live players who were DDoS-ing his 360 while he was trying to play.

Lenovo IdeaPad U8 MID – looks amazing

Sure its just a concept right now, but the idea is to use Intel’s Atom processor in this device along with your usual plethora of wireless connections. They are also possibly adding 3G and EDGE to the list of available connections on the device.

Splashpower belly up – another great possibility gone

Splashpower, one of the many companies striving to bring us all wireless charging in our gadgets, has sadly had to end its run. It never even really produced an actual product, but they did do a lot of research and development which hopefully someone will pick up the pieces from.

Microsoft extending XP expiration date 2 years – only for budget PCs

The extension, at least for now, only applies to manufacturers of low cost computers such as those of Everex, Asus, Intel, and so on. That means that a year from now you’ll have to go buy an Eee PC in order to get your hands on one of the best OS’s ever.