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Blockbuster working on Set-Top Box – no more driving to the movie store

There are tons of rumors flying around that are substantiated by little more than the fact that someone wrote them, that Blockbuster is working a new Set-Top Box to push movies out to. Some are calling it an Apple TV competitor, but I highly doubt it will be.

Saitek PK17U Cyborg gaming keyboard – might come alive and blind you with its lights

This keyboard almost scares me a little, I mean its certainly intimidating to look at. It has too much lighting, I mean there are all the lights and such on the bezel above the keys, and then there are 3 different colors of backlights that can be adjusted in brightness or even mixed in an color combination with the other two colors and then common gaming keys have their own special lighting as well as metal key caps.

Ci70 keyboard from Kensington – adds more ports

This new keyboard from Kensington offers up a profile so thin its almost Mac worthy, except for the back area, but that’s where the magic happens. There is a small, short, hidden mini USB connector/cable hidden under a sliding door.

Van Der Led WM2 Cellphone Watch – seriously, who is this Van Der Led guy?

So first it was those new notebooks I told you about the other day, the Jisus ones, and now the guy is cranking out a very fashionable cell phone watch. The WM2 is due out on April 14th and boasts a 1.3-inch 260k color touchscreen.

Ikea PS – a simple solution to a larger issue

Chances are if you aren’t making a lot of money then you are already familiar with Ikea, whether it’s because of their low prices, or the fact that everything they make will save you countless amounts of space in what is likely an already tight living space. The PS is no different offering a wall-mountable pop-out desk area for your notebook.

BBC iPlayer – taking over the world

So first the BBC iPlayer was made available on your computer. Then it was made available on your iPod Touch and iPhone, now it’s available on your Wii. The end result is its crashing the Internet.

SlingCatcher delayed – possibly until late this year

There was a gentleman who informed Engadget of a notice he received from SlingMedia informing him that the SlingCatcher was not up to Sling Media’s standards. So it has been delayed, Sling didn’t confirm the actual email that was sent, but did sort of confirm that it was going to be delayed citing QA concerns as the cause.

Thiis Wiiks Wii hack – getting Virtual Console games without paying for them

I am not entirely sure as to the legality or legitimacy of this hack, but from what I understood of the video, the hacker, Waninkoko, has the latest firmware, drops a disk in, then a few minutes after that his system reboots and viola! He has Super Mario Brothers on his Wii.

Nikon CoolPix S52 and S52c digital cameras – thin and light

Using Nikon’s Wave-Surface camera body these two cameras look amazing and offer up 9MP of photographic goodness. You also get a 3x NIKKOR optical zoom and OVR or optical vibration reduction as well as up to ISO 3200 shots.

Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case Reviewed – does it work?

Well the iPhone Buzz crew thoroughly tested out the ClearBoost iPhone case and found that yes, it did work, as long as they actually held the handset against their heads when making calls. If they used a Bluetooth headset, the case seemed to have the exact opposite effect, reducing the signal strength by about as much as it improved it otherwise.

Zepto notebooks now available in US and Canada – like Alienware, but smaller

Just imagine if Alienware took some of the fanciness out of the case design of their notebooks, and then made the majority of their notebook product line roughly 14.1-inches in size and you’ve pretty much got Zepto’s product lineup. Zepto keeps their gaming notebooks small and light by using the smaller form factor, however they do have a couple of 15.4” models as well.

Toshiba A, M, and P 300 Series notebooks as well as U400 notebook announced

Is it just me or does it seems like Toshiba is working hard to make it through the whole alphabet sometime soon? Regardless, Toshiba has 4 new lines of notebooks to add to the two new ones I told you about yesterday.

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