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MSI and Gigabyte launching new budget notebooks end of Q2

According to a Chinese-language paper, Commercial Times, there are sources that say that MSI will be launching its Wind notebook in 8.9 and/or 10 inch sizes priced between $470 and $1099. I don’t know what kind of budget PC they are marketing that is going to cap out at a little over a thousand dollars though.

Sony HDR-TG1 – it’s shiny, still kind of iffy on performance

Akihabra News was lucky enough to have Sony lend them one of their newest HandyCams for review, the HDR-TG1. In Europe it’s known as the TG3, but the product is the same, a thin, light, and shiny FullHD digital camcorder.

SlashGear Week in Review – April 7th through April 13th

This was a long week with no major events occurring, but there were some pretty big announcements. For starters we have a new BitTorrent Set Top Box from Myka, no more will you have to waste power by leaving your entire computer running all night just to get the latest screener from FXG or aXXo, and this little set top box will do it for you and then play it right from its hard drive for added ease. Then there were rumors abound of Blockbuster potentially putting out a new Set Top Box to push their movies, TV Shows, and other content out to.

Blu-Ray won, but is it better for the consumer?

So Toshiba conceded in the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD battle and all of their mates quickly fell with them. Since then things haven’t gotten better for the consumer. Sure your new PS3 comes with a Blu-Ray player and that makes it a nice format, but HD-DVD had affordable prices for both its players and discs, Blu-Ray players are still astronomically priced almost making the PS3 the most economical option.

If Silence is Golden this little hack is priceless – quiet your HDDs

Some guy came up with one of the most ingenious uses of elastic since putting it in clothing. He used bands of elastic to suspend the hard drives in his computer thus reducing the noise made by his hard drives.

Picture courtesy of Jason at HACKS

Myka – the set top box for those with lower moral standards

This set top box doesn’t work with your cable operator, it won’t DVR the latest episodes of House for you, and it isn’t licensed to work with NetFlix to stream movies to your TV. It will however allow you to legally, or illegally, download and play any and all video content you want.

OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II DDR2 Series – World’s Fastest 4GB kit, and it uses DDR2

I wouldn’t even think of overclocking these DDR2-1150 memory chips considering they already require the use of an intense system of metal fins to dissipate heat and water cooling seems to be highly recommended with two lines going in and two going out of each stick’s processor-worthy heatsink. If you absolutely have to be on the bleeding edge of technology and you haven’t already switched to a board with DDR3 on it, these are the chips for you.

NVIDIA working on under $45 integrated chipset capable of 36 GFLOPS

NVIDIA is fighting with everyone in the business, first it was their long time feud with competitor ATI, and then AMD bought them and inherited that beef, now NVIDIA is fighting with Intel claiming they can easily out-perform Intel’s Celeron-based 945 IGP/ICH4 setup. They are also claiming that their system will be the most affordable Vista Premium Certified system available at under $45.

Sennheiser MX W1 wireless headphones – quite possibly the most expensive wireless headphones ever

I don’t know, there might be a pair that is slathered in diamonds and platinum or something like that which beat these out, but I doubt it. At $600 these wireless headphones do not come cheap, but if you are an audiophile in search of some wireless headphones they are apparently worth it.

Gibson rolling out another auto-tuning guitar – its bright, shiny, metallic, purple

You know that robotic guitar that Gibson rolled out last year that could auto tune itself to a number of different scales and were programmable to any custom tuning you required? It was like the most badass guitar ever, well they are making a new version that will be more widely available, since getting your hands on one of the originals was nigh impossible.

Yidsun BlueBoom Bluetooth speakers look plain, in a good way

Yidsun has released 4 new speakers that are all Bluetooth powered. Some of the models have subwoofers, some don’t, but they all have at least two speakers and then pause/play, next, and previous controls.

Sony Bravia E4000 LCD TV’s blend in with the rest of your framed work

Sony’s latest TV’s not only look like giant picture frames, they can act like them too with 6 images pre-installed to display and the ability to throw up more. Now you can surround your TV with photos and artwork and not have people look at you like your crazy, of course the downside is that this isn’t exactly the greenest idea Sony has ever had.

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