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Coway Megasonic SWV-08AM dish cleaner looks fashionable

I am not entirely sure how this thing works, but apparently the gist of it is soap-less dish washing. Somehow it uses sonic waves of water to remove even the deepest particles of dirt without the slightest amount of soap necessary.

DIY Electric off-road skateboard

Some guy put together and instructable on how to make an electric mountain board or whatever those off-road versions of skateboards are called. It’s pretty ingenious too taking most of his parts from electric scooters.

Parrot PARTY Black Edition first commercialized speaker system to use Near Field Communications

I saw some of these speakers at the Parrot booth at CES and they were pretty amazing and managed to overpower the hundreds of people that were crowded into what was a fairly small room. However the ones I saw didn’t use NFC to negotiate the Bluetooth connection between your device and the speakers, they did it the old fashioned way.

ViewSonic pushing out two new monitors and a new projector – me wants

Starting with the projector, it has a 2000:1 contrast ration and 2220 lumens, which means it can be used just about anywhere. Add to that the 720p and 1080i support with its native 800x600 resolution and you’ve got yourself a nice projector. For those with more of an eco friendly mind it also has an ECO mode that saves power, lowers noise pollution, and extends the lamp life, the cost will save some paper too at a meager $499.

Aigo MID – looks good and performs well

It’s a basic mobile Internet device. It has a rubberized bottoms, touchscreen, and slide out full keyboard, a very simple user interface, and a stylus. On the back is the battery and a 3MP camera for taking photos.

JavaBot at the Roasting Plant

The JavaBot is, as you guessed, a robot that makes you coffee. The thing is, it’s not your usual fare of inserting pre-ground coffee that sucks and then it brewing and pouring it, this robot does it all short of picking the beans itself.

Asus Eee 8.9″ 900 model details announced – impressive storage capacities

So Asus has apparently sold over a million Eee’s sold in 5 months, since its launch date, and in celebration Asus decided to let us all in on the details of its next concoction. Obviously it will have an 8.9-inch LCD screen, a 1.3MP camera, 12 or 20GB of flash storage depending on OS, and something called FingerGlide.

Why Apple Shouldn’t License OS X to other hardware vendors

Psystar has brought into the public light an issue that has long plagued the tech industry. Why does Apple keep their software closed to only Apple’s hardware? Several projects have sprouted, some even growing wings, that are efforts to bring OS X, and all its updates, to custom built X86 machines, including OSX86, and most recently Psystar. So, now you are likely wondering, why I think Apple should work as hard as they do to keep the supply of OS X-base computers to just Apple hardware.

Microsoft and HCL teams up to rollout cheapest Windows-based notebook

The notebook will be rolled out as part of HCL’s MiLeap brand of HCL Leaptops. It will be running Windows XP Home, weigh less than 1kg, and have a 7-inch TFT LCD touch-screen.

Psystar Back Up! Mac clone now called Open Computer instead of OpenMac

A simple name change has Psystar back on their feet selling their cheap desktop computers that are configurable with OS X on them. They’ve also added a new computer to their lineup, the OpenPRO which is available with a lot better case, comes standard with an 8000 series GeForce card and a 10k RPM HDD as well as a couple gigs of RAM.

Apple Japan and Sony settle lawsuit regarding Battery Fire

Just when I was beginning to think we were out of the woods with this whole battery fire mess a gentleman’s Apple notebook catches fire in Japan and he sues over it. Apple Japan and Sony have agreed to pay the 1.3 million Yen, or about $13k.

Apple IIGS laptop from Ben Heck looks oddly modern

For a computer as old as the IIGS this computer looks only modern. Maybe it’s the acrylic keys or the 15-inch color LCD screen. The old ass mouse brings it all back to its roots though.

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