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Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 has lots of new features, let’s start with the new version of Internet Explorer that comes with the bundle and offers up the ability to view full-sized web pages and even multimedia on the web pages. The browser has technologies from IE6 built in alongside support for H.264, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight.

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ATT Navigator service launched by AT&T – never be lost again

This new service from ATT offers up AT&T’s own-branded GPS service for your GPS enable devices. The service works in conjunction with TeleNav and offers up voice as well as color map-guided turn by turn directions directly to your GPS capable smartphones and other handsets.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset – for the fashion conscious talkers

News Flash! Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset: Video Review - PHONE Magazine

Featuring Plantronics’ AudioIQ technology for clear calls, their VFrame structure, and an overall design more reminiscent of a piece of jewelry than that of a Bluetooth headset, this thing looks amazing. Even better yet, the little case that comes with it, isn’t just a case.

Novatel MC990D and MC992D HSDPA modems with USB storage and GPS

Novatel’s latest HSDPA modems are trying to pack in as many features as Nokia does on its high end mobile phones. Not only can it connect you to an up to 7.2Mbps downstream HSDPA connection, but it can also feed your device GPS data and work as a USB flash drive with a microSD card that you put inside.

Nike+ Sportsband – now all profits going to Nike, screws Apple

With the Nike+ iPod product line you had to buy the Nike Trainers, the Nike+ iPod kit, and an iPod Nano, which was helping Apple make some dough. With this latest product Nike has cut out Apple completely making everything the previous Nike+ kit did possible, except for the music, without the iPod.

Instead the system uses a wrist band that communicates with the sensor that goes in your Nike Trainers and stores the data on its flash storage. The band then comes apart to reveal a USB interface which you can use to transfer up to 16 hours of workout data to your computer or upload and share it with the online community at

iPass giving consumers Hotspot access and more

iPass has long been a purveyor of WWAN and WiFi hotspot access, but up until now its been limited to employees of corporations who bought into the service. Today there are two new tidbits regarding iPass, first the addition of a lot of WiFi hotspots, second they are going to start offering their services to individuals.

Okoro ZX100 Home Theater PC is extreme – painted in any automotive color you choose

This HTPC has some pretty respectable specs including a quad-core Intel processor running at 3GHz, 3GB of RAM and NVIDIA’s GeForce 8600GT with HDMI out and PureVideo HD support. Add onto that the fact that you can have the unit colored in any automotive paint you want ranging from a basic glossy black to some $10k gold-flaked Lambo style paint job.

3G iPhone has mounting evidence for its upcoming release

Evidence for a 3G iPhone is mounting at an alarming rate. First there is the next iPhone firmware which won’t be released until the WWDC, which supports the idea that there is likely to be a new version of the iPhone hardware released to coincide with the new firmware.

Asus Eee with XP coming to Best Buy in 9 days

The 4GB 7-inch Asus Eee PC will be hitting Best Buy, a major retailer of computers and their components, on April 9th. This particular system will come with Windows XP pre-installed for $399, which basically means these things should start selling like hotcakes once they hit the shelves.

The system has 4GB of SSD storage and half a gig of RAM which push Windows XP Home boot times to a respectable 40 seconds. Other upsides to the XP version of the system are that you can now use the webcam for video chat functions, you can use the entire Office suite instead of having to settle for something similar, and you get WWAN modem support as well as everything else you’ve come to expect with such a system.

HP MV2120 Media Vault home server – now with Internet accessible goodness!

This particular Media Vault product adds to it the ability to make files accessible from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. Furthermore you can set up your own little Flickr on the server with their online picture gallery software that they have built in.

For some reason this seemingly large external, network attached storage device only packs in 500GB of storage space, and offers up RAID 1 functionality in that space, what a waste. Anyways, you can backup and share data, media, and system backups across your home’s network as well as stream media files to HTPC’s or possibly gaming systems.

40Gbps Internet connection used to dry laundry – grandma’s got a new bag

Last year Sigbritt Löthberg was connected to the internet with a 40Gbps line, at the age of 75. Her son, some sort of Internet expert (Read: Cisco Executive Peter Löthberg) , was the one that decided she needed the world’s fastest internet connection, at the time.

Grand Theft Auto IV coming to your Nintendo DS

According to this document that is supposedly from a game retailer the Rockstar Games’ upcoming All-Star is coming to a DS near you for some hardcore stylus action. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking bringing such a game to that handheld, but if Rockstar is at all involved in the port it should remain as epic as you remember the games.