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PWNAGE released by iPhone Dev Team – Hajime!

In case you’ve forgotten, you can use this tool to unlock, activate, jailbreak, and BootNeuter your iPhone using firmware versions 1.1.4 or 2.0(1.2). It is also supposed to make porting other operating systems to the iPhone a breeze along with running unsigned code a lot easier. I have no idea what cartoon Steve is saying, but I am pretty sure its Russian, and even more sure it says PWNED!

SlashDeal: 8GB 3rd Gen iPod Nano $140 shipped

Woot has a deal going on where you get your choice of the light blue or black 3rd Gen, which is the latest generation, iPod Nano for $134.99 and shipping from Woot is always $5. Sure they are refurbished, but they come with a 60 day warranty.

Samsung releasing new 2GB-based server RAM

Samsung is launching some the highest-density, lowest powered DDR2 memory for servers. This memory operates at 1.55V which is up to half what previous chips have operated at.

Now, I know I said these chips were for servers, but your Mac Pro and a lot of newer high end boards are also using FB-DIMMs or Fully Buffered DIMMs, so this could be for you to. They are going to be producing these particular chips in 4GB and 8GB capacities, which means if the 16GB in your Mac Pro just isn’t cutting it anymore, you can get an upgrade.

Toshiba Sleep-and-Charge USB ports – a true stroke of innovative genius!

So, more and more gadgets that people acquire are either USB powered, coming with USB chargers or have USB chargers available for them. So why is it that up until now another common portable device that could charge these items is constantly put to waste when it’s off? That’s right, Toshiba has had a true stroke of genius and because of it your Notebook will soon be able to act as a USB charging station regardless of whether it’s on, off, or in sleep/hibernation modes.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6.1 – hands on from CTIA

Yesterday we gave a slight mention of the new browser for their mobile OS, but we feel we need to make separate mention of it since it’s being released as a separate product almost and received almost as many updates as the whole rest of the OS. So, it netted H.264, Flash, and Silverlight support.