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Rock Pegasus P210 ultra-portable notebook – not for performance fiends

Clearly weight was the main concern in this notebook. It’s a 12-incher aimed at competing with the MBA and X300 and Portege R500, and it’s made by a company in the UK, and it sucks.

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset reviewed

So while Vincent was at CTIA he managed to pick up one Plantronics’ latest headsets, the fashionable Discovery 925 that we wrote about earlier this week. Not only did we get his review of the product, some more shots, and even a video review, but we got some more info too.

ECOS PC’s 40 to 70 percent more energy efficient than Energy STAR computers

ECOS PC’s 40 to 70 percent more energy efficient than Energy STAR computers

ECOS is a consulting firm that tasked themselves with the goal of creating a new PC that could yield a 284kWh reduction in energy usage. They accomplished this goal with funding from PIER, AMD, VIA, and Intel.

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Stealth MXP by MXI Security now offered in 8GB capacities

It’s not so much the hardware of this thumb drive that would interest prospective buyers, but more the software. Although the security provided by the integrated fingerprint reader is a dandy added bonus to all the software security you get.

Collusion ban ends – now we find out what’s going to happen with that 700MHz spectrum

Verizon got most of C-Block and have admitted they intent to use it for their 4th generation LTE network, which will replace their 3G EV-DO Rev. A network. ATT has said that it will also be using most of the spectrum it acquired for an LTE network, but whereas Verizon is touting a full launch date of 2010, ATT is calling out 2012, however ATT also intends on upgrading their HSDPA network to 7.2Mbps to hold their customers over.

Daisy Art Sculpture – hint: its not a flower

No, instead it’s a giant manufacturing grade one-armed robot with a plastic version of a Titanic-sized propeller on the front of it that spins like a fan. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, it moves, and using the cameras on its base it can follow you round, like as if its aiming at you.

Olive Media OPUS No4 Home Music Server – an interior decorator’s dream

I can only imagine how many times someone has been designing the interior of a high end house, ran across the list of requirements, saw music server, and immediately started thinking of ways/places to hide it away in. Well, with this unit you won’t have to or want to hide it away as it’s actually quite attractive and is more functional when out in the open where you can use the touchscreen which appears to feature some sort of CoverFlow-like browsing system.

USB Home Pregnancy Test – for the little geek in you

Alright, this obsession with using the USB ports on your computer has just gone too far. I’m sorry, but when did plugging something that was just urinated on into your computer ever sound like a good idea?

PCI GW-MF54G2 Multi-Function Mini Router – tiny like Tim

This mini router is nearly pocket sized and has a wireless antenna, presumably a plug for some sort of power source and then one Ethernet port, that’s it. It keeps it simple in an effort to keep it small.

Comcast marketing 50Mbps internet connections

In Minneapolis/St. Paul where the only things not still frozen are the Internet connections Comcast is making a ruckus by offering up a 50/5 Mbps down/up internet connection. Sure it costs $150 a month, which means not too many people are going to be buying into it, but it’s still interesting, I mean there isn’t any use for that fast of a connection unless you are using it for exactly what they were blocking just a week ago.

New Intel Classmate PC

In competition with the OLPC project, Intel is finally going to start selling their notebook for prices ranging from $300 to $500. Some of the newer models will have fewer features and thus require less power, but they are also pushing out models with both a 7 and a 9 inch screen, a 30GB HDD and a webcam.

Sony HandyCam HDR-TG1 (or TG3 in Europe) – shiny, but does it work?

Things I like about this camera: the up to 1080i recording resolution, the shiny exterior, the fact that it comes with 4GB of storage. Things I don’t like about this camera: the 4GB of storage come on a Memory Stick PRO Duo card and the AVCHD recording codec.