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Researchers develop system to block phone use while driving

We all know about the dangers of talking on the phone or texting while driving, and researchers from India’s Anna University of Technology in Tamilnadu have now developed a new system that actually blocks mobile phone signals while an individual is driving. The trickier part has to do with taking away the driver’s ability to use a phone while still allowing mobile phone signals to be used by other passengers in the vehicle.

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Nifty MiniDrive offers storage solution for MacBook Pro and Air

Limited storage on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro can sometimes be a pain in the neck when you really need more to work with, which is why the new Nifty MiniDrive has been introduced as a new semi-permanent backup storage solution. Taking advantage of the MacBook’s SD card slots, it should be a great alternative to carrying around extra bulky pieces of hardware and having pieces sticking out of the side of your laptop.

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Scientists develop most advanced robotic legs yet

Scientists from the University of Arizona have developed the most accurate robotic replication of human legs that take it beyond just human-like movement. The robot, which can walk just like a human, will be able to help them understand how human babies start learning how to walk and how to better treat spinal related injuries.

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Namco Bandai brings 22 classic games to Asha Touch devices

Namco Bandai announced 22 classic arcade games will be brought to Asha Touch devices and will be available to download from the Nokia Store starting today. The games have been optimized for touchscreens on the Nokia Asha 205, Asha 306 and Asha 311, which just recently launched last month. The devices come equipped with the new Nokia Browser that can compress content up to 84 percent in order to reduce data consumption.

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Lenovo to move ThinkPad production back to Japan

NEC Corp. and Lenovo Group Ltd. will move some production of ThinkPad PCs from China manufacturing lines back to Japan. Originally developed and manufactured in Japan’s Yamato research laboratory, a trial run for production of ThinkPads at NEC’s plant in Yamagata Prefecture will begin this fall. Moving toward full-scale production in Japan is desired for the future.

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Cisco responds to Connect Cloud complaints

Cisco’s new cloud service, Cisco Connect Cloud, went live last week and caused quite the uproar after routers underwent an automatic firmware update. People owning the E2700, E3500 and E4500 router models couldn’t login after the update and were faced with a request to sign up for Cisco Connect Cloud if they wanted access restored. Some people ended up losing their advanced settings if they decided to reboot the router.

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