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Cory Gunther is currently an associate editor for SlashGear and senior editor for Android Community. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, he's responsible for all things Android on both sites, and never leaves the house without a few smartphones and a tablet. You can follow him on Twitter, or keep up with him on Google+

US Cellular Galaxy Note II already up for pre-order

Samsung's popular and impressive looking Galaxy Note II was finally announced earlier this week as coming to all major US carriers. It was good news indeed, but none of the carriers have made any formal announcements -- except for US Cellular. They are planning to beat the others to the punch this time around and have already announced pricing ($299) and a late October launch. And now they're up for pre-order.

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Boeing Airplanes set to allow cell phone use in 2013

We've all been on a plane and heard the same spiel over and over again. Please turn off any and all electronic devices, MP3 players, iPods, laptops, and set all iPhone, iPad, and devices to airplane mode -- get ready for takeoff. Today however the folks from Boeing have shared their plans to allow cell phone use on their top-tier Dreamliner airplanes as soon as 2013.

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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: September 21, 2012

Hey folks, we had another exciting night and early morning of news here at SlashGear so below you can find a quick wrap up of everything that mattered to us. I'm sure you're all happy that today is friday, but there's one more reason to cheer. It's iPhone 5 day! Officially. Today the lines are slowly moving along as the masses get their new iPhone 5. Did you get one? Don't forget to enjoy our iPhone 5 Review.

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