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CES 2008: iSoniCast for iPod from Monster

The iSoniCast is a Wireless Audio Bidge that allows you the listen to your music from your home stereo. I know, I know, there have been billion of these things but it’s always good to know your options. The iSoniCast uses no batteries and lets you use your iPod as a remote control through your radio.

CES 2008: Zoom H2 Stereo Recording

The Zoom H2 from Samson studio quality stereo recording in and ultra portable package. It weighs just over 4ounces, is both PC and MAC compatible, offers time stamping and gives 138 hours of MP3, 2 hours of recording at 96kHz and 6 hours at 44.1kHz. It comes with a 512MB SD card and has 4 onboard mic capsules.

CES 2008: Energizer keeps going with several new products

Energizer showcased a new product line called Energizer Light on Demand. They also showed a couple of chargers: Energi To Go Portable Power for iPod and Energizer Family charge

CES 2008: Five InFocus Projectors

InFocus presented CES with quite a few projects: the IN15, IN35, IN35W, IN37 and IN82. The IN15 is as bright as most fixed installation conference room projectors and is small and compact. It gives 2500 ANSI lumens and has a zoom ratio of 1.4:1-2.0:1. It weighs less 4lbs and is available now for $1500.

CES 2008: Omnistat2 Thermostat

The Omnistat2, a 7 day programmable communicating thermostat, won an honoree award at CES for Design and Engineering in Home Appliances. It’s made to precisely control the temperature and humidity within your home and it’ll learn your home’s heating and cooling patterns and automatically adjust the controls for efficiency and comfort.

CES 2008: Griffin iTrip AutoPilot for your iPod/iPhone in the car

Griffin seems to be all about iAccesories and its iTrip is definitely one worth looking into. It’s perfect for in-car use as it broadcasts your music through FM frequencies and allows you stow and charge your device out of sight and still control it through its AutoPilot playback control.

CES 2008: Guitar Wizard from Music Wizard Group

The Music Wizard is a Mac/PC based game that works with any MIDI guitar. It comes with its own Washburn guitar and MIDI pickup which acts as the game’s controller.

CES 2008: Cables to Go Wireless USB Hub

Cables to Go announced it’s new Wireless USB Hub at CES this week. It allows you or any three host computers within a 30ft range to wireless access any USB devices connected to the hub.

CES 2008: TiVo gets RSS Feeds through Season Pass

In order to make it easier and faster for TiVo users to find online content, TiVo subscribers will be able access content from major networks like Comedy Central and Discovery, along with independently produced media like Ask A Ninja, through RSS Feeds. This will work through applying TiVo’s Season Pass function to web video.

CES 2008: Garmin Forerunner 405 Watch

Garmin showed off it’s Forerunner 405 watch and I must say it’s pretty awesome, and coming from someone who hates watches that’s saying something. Since it’s from Garmin, it is, of course, GPS enabled but it also has a lot of other good features like speed, distance and heart rate track.

CES 2008: Dual HDS Speakers from Dual Electronics

Dual Electronics debuted a new line of high definition, two way mobile speakers. They were designed to perform to spec year after year. These Dual HDS speakers feature long-throw, dynamically balanced PP cones and lightweight one-inch Ferro fluid cooled silk dome tweeters.

CES 2008: D-Link – D-Life Networking Gadgets

So this week I got to look at some easy to use networking gadgets from D-Link. Networking your gadgets isn’t easy for everyone and so these handy in-home items will network themselves for you. There’s a camera, a phone, an answering machine and more.