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ModoPocket camera tripod

This pocket sized device will screw into your camera tripod thread and serve you as the world’s smallest tripod. It sets up with ease and will give your camera a stable place to rest.

Disgo Video Plus Camcorder

The Disgo Video Plus has two great features that come with it. You can fit it in your pocket and you won’t break $100 if your spring for it. Its features aren’t that bad either.


The iRiver SPINN looks really amazing on the outside and in. It has a 3.2” TFT LCD screen, FM tuner, digital recorder and an e-book.

1.5″ Digital Photo Frame/Mp3 Player

I’ve been mostly harsh on digital photo frames, I just happen to think they are a waste of space. This one, though, caught my eye and I have to admit, it’s probably something I’d buy. It’s a digital photo frame of course, but it’s also a MP3 player and it’s small and green and adorable.

AlarMe watch helps notify the hearing impaired

I really like this concept watch from Nikita Golovlev. It’s a watch for the hearing impaired which can alert it’s wearer through vibrations of an alarm going off. This is a great way for those who live alone to remain safe.

Telescopic Zoom Lenses for Cell Phones

Unless you’re a member of the paparazzi I can’t imagine why you’d even want to have a telescopic zoom lens for your cell phone. Cell phones aren’t meant to capture phenomenal pictures for your scrapbook, at least in my opinion.

i-Tracker from Transystem keeps track of anything

Personal GPS trackers seem to be a dime a dozen these days. It’s actually making me a little paranoid, not that anyone would want to keep tabs on me… or would they? Transystem’s i-Tracker is the latest to come to my attention and it comes with both a GPS and a GSM module to transmit tracking information to a computer or phone in real time.

Sony HDR-UX20 Camcorder

Sony is putting out a new DVD-based camcorder with 1080p HD recording called the HDR-UX20. It has a new encoding system that optimizes the balance between image definition and file size and uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec to be compatible with a lot of third party editing software.

eNote color coded guitar tuner

I doubt many of you could afford to buy yourself a self tuning guitar. However, everyone could/can afford the eNote color coded tuner from Eleca.

TankChair – How those who can’t get around, can get around

This tank wheelchair is brilliant, the creater, Brad Soden, should definitely win an award of some sort in my opinion. Sure having a wheelchair makes it somewhat easier for those who can’t walk to get around but what about really getting out and seeing nature?

iPhone Speaker Dock and Hands-free earbuds and Mic from NewerTech

I wouldn’t exactly say that I’d laugh if I saw anyone using the iPhone dock from NewerTech but the thought would come to mind. It’s a speaker dock with a built in microphone to make conference calling easier, I get that, but I do think they could have made it look a little less ghetto.

Panoramic Curved Gaming Display from NEC

If you were excited over the curved DLP display from Alienware last week, you may be happily surprised to see that NEC is releasing one of their own. The CRVD-42DWX might seem to be rushing out on the coattails of Alienware but they are both apparently made by the same ODM, Ostendo.

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