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Extra Extra large Mouse Pad – The Ratscar Deskpad eSporter XXL

I don’t use mouse pads anymore. If I happen across one I use it for maybe 5 seconds then toss, there’s not enough room to maneuver for me on them. However, with Ratscar all my problems are solved, I hope.

Ringboxx customizes your home phone ring tones

People go a little overboard when it comes to ringtones, even I have in the past, but the Ringboxx has gone too far. I honestly don’t think your home phone needs customized ringtones.

RFID data security for USB hard drives

Keeping our data and information secure and safe is something most of us worry about. The STSEN E08 RFID Security 2.4 Inch HDD Enclosure is more than just a ridiculously long name; it’s an alternative to fingerprint scans and passwords.

OneLessDesk completes the Mac ensemble

If you’re one of those people who are accessory crazy then you’re probably one of those people who’d buy the OneLessDesk. It’s a desk with was designed specifically for a Macintosh and if I do say so myself, it looks really nice.

IdentityPal USB ID Tag

Most people would do anything to make sure their loved one is safe, whether it’s a child, an elderly parent or even a pet, you want to know if they get lost or hurt their individual needs will be met. That’s where IdentityPal comes in. Basically, it’s a USB flash drive which stores emergency information that could save a life or bring a loved one back home.

Heco unveils new speakers called Statement

Heco, a German speaker company, has a new floor-standing speaker design that comes with a lame play-on-name joke. The Statement speakers, jokes aside, are really spectacular. The 3-way reflex bass speaker is self proclaimed as the best loudspeaker design in over 50 years of experience.

WiFi finding laptop bag

I happened to have made off with a couple of WiFi finding devices from CES so I personally don’t need a WiFi finding laptop bag. For those of you who do, you guessed it, you can have one thanks to Soyntec.

LCD Window Thermometer

Once you attach this LCD Window Thermometer to your window you’ll never have to go outside to test what the weather is like again. This device will give you all the information you need to dress and plan appropriately for the day.

Walkie talkie watch

This watch appeals to my childish side but in a good way. It’s exactly as the suggests: a walkie talkie watch, which is also fun to say.

iHome2GO iH85 iPhone speakers

With the multitude of deaths caused by people listening to their iPods instead of paying attention it’s about some safer alternatives came about. The iHome2GO iH85B acts a stereo system for your bike so you have your music and not so much of a risk for death.

Sony has two new voice recorders – ICDUX70 and ICDUX80

The little USB Mp3 players piqued my curiosity. Mostly it was because of its stereo recording which has a nostalgia factor for me and turns this into a handy spy device and that’s like two birds.

Matrix M6001 LCD Watch

The Matrix watch is a little bit different then you’re normal run of the mill watch. It uses LCD bars at the top and bottom of its display to show you the time. Sound difficult? It isn’t.

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