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MP Sound 41 lets you TiVo your radio

It’s been a long time, I’m almost positive, since anyone has said “I missed my program” and they were talking about the radio. I know a few people who listen to Bob and Tom religiously but I don’t think they’d be sad if they missed a day. However, if you are that one person who must never miss their radio program then the MP-Sound is for you, it comes with EPG (Electronic Programming Guide).

Flashlight with a compact DVR inside

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sneaking around a building late at night with only my flashlight to guide me and hoping that I remember everything I see when I get home, mostly because I’ve never done that. If I did do that and often enough I would look to the Flashlight DVR, from Swann Security, to help me.

Cubic USB Hub

With all those USB products out there you’re bound to find that you need a couple extra ports to support everything. I know there are many different kinds of hubs out there but the Cubic 4-Port hub has a certain kind of style that I like.

iMono Cube Speakers

Let’s face it, there is some kind of inner obsession most of us have with cube shaped things. Male and female alike, we will buy things that come in cube like form simple because it is a cube. Try to deny it, but I’m sure you can find something that you own to disprove yourself. If you can’t then you could always buy the iMono Cube Speakers.

Message Tape fakes digital messages

If you told me about an item from a store called SuckUK I’d think one of two things: you’re crazy or perverted. If you went on to tell me it was message tape it’d still be a toss up. However, message tape from SuckUK is pretty nifty once you get past all the names.

10 Minute DECTECt test for Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s effects many people whether it’s those who have it or those who have loved ones who do. Georgia Tech and Emory have developed a new and quicker way to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s and aside from being useful it looks like fun virtual toy!

Domino like Flash Drives

If I had to pick two qualities that I thought products needed to have in order to sell they would be: geek factor and necessity, in that order. These domino look-a-likes are actually USB flash drives and therefore possess both qualities.

EyeClops Portable Microscope

If you’re into creepy crawlies or even just taking a better look at the things around you then you need look no further than the EyeClops. The Jakks Pacific EyeClops BioniCam is a portable microscope with some extra special features.

Free Lines – power outlets where you need them

We’ve all experienced the cables catastrophe. No matter how hard you prepare or the precautions you take in the end you end of with a mess of tangled wires. Free Lines are looking to help solve that problem once and for all.

Lazy Man Holiday Lights help decorate all year round

I grew up in one of those houses where every holiday had decorations and even some made up holidays had some. What I’m saying is, my mother loves decorations. However, my father doesn’t enjoy them so much, especially if he has to take part in putting them up. The Lazy Man’s Holiday Lights, though, is a great way to please both of them by putting up your lights only once.

Manila Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Well I can’t decide if having a manila envelope laptop sleeve is humorous or taking it too far. I shudder to use the word fanboy, but who else is going to buy this?

Gamercize PC lets you exercise at your desk

A lot of spend a lot of hours working at a desk and not so much exercising. We all know it’s important but we make excuses, most of which are that we don’t have the time. The Gamercize PC helps make time for exercise while you’re working at a computer/desk.

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