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Eazzzy USB Digital Camera

I like to think that the idea behind the Eazzzy digital camera concept came about somewhere along the intersection of Make-it-Small and Make-it-USB. It claims itself to be the simplest digital camera around.

Smallest Bluetooth Adapter yet

Brando has a new product that is two great things in one: it’s small and it’s a Bluetooth adapter. Actually, it’s the world’s smallest Bluetooth adapter so far, barely bigger than a penny.

EasiShelf gives you a shelf for your charging gadgets

The EasiShelf is a little dorky. I can imagine finding it in the colored plastic bins at a flea market or finding a baggie of them in my grandma’s cabinet. However, it is useful and I would like one.

iRing for those committed iFans

I shudder to use the words fanboy/fangirl, I really do but something about the iRing just screams the words. It’s only a concept at the moment but that wont last long I’m sure.

Case-Mate Leather Cases for your iPod Shuffle

I remember a day when just having an iPod was a statement, but now it’s more about your iPod accessories, or at least it seems that way. In any case, Case-Mate has a new line of leather cases for your iPod Shuffle to give it and you that extra bit of flair.

Illuminaire LED TV backlighting

Watching TV in the dark causes eye strain. We all know this but we still do it, in fact I prefer it which probably explains my need for glasses. For those of you who are concerned about eye screen Illuminaire offers a solution that is very pleasing to the eye.

Secret Service Invisible 2-Way Micro Headset from Brickhouse Security

I have a thing about my ears, I don’t really like putting things in them and I’m even picky about some earbuds. I don’t really understand anyone’s thinking behind sticking a tiny device in my ear for any reason beyond something medical. The Brickhouse claims its two-way micro headset is ‘invisible’ and it’s darn close.

Multimedia Remote Watch tells time and changes the channel

Back in the good old days if people wanted to remember something they tied a string around their finger to help them. I think that’s where the Multimedia Remote Watch got its inspiration. Sure, now you remember to feed the dog but do you remember where you left the TV remote when you got up to do it? Now you don’t have to remember because it’s always with you.

iBloom Jukebox for your iPod

This week in iPod docks I bring you the iBloom. It’s actually one I’d prefer based on looks alone, not too flashy and not too long, it fits just right.

Powerstick USB Charger

In a world dominated by cell phones, computers and mp3 players it’s important to have a power source at hand no matter what. Sometimes a wall charger is just too inconvenient to carry around or wait around for and that’s where Powerstick wants to come in.

Belkin Clamp-On Surge Protector

There are a few main things that people are likely to focus on when buying anything: does it take up a lot space, how versatile is it and how accessible is it. If your product falls within a decent range on any of these fronts people are more likely to pick it up without even worrying about the cost. In my opinion the clamp-on surge protector from Belkin fills all these shoes nicely.

Tagan IcyBox Hot Pink Hard Drive Case

I have to say I’m slightly offended by the “Ladies will love this” tag that came attached to the hot pink IcyBox. Just because something’s pink doesn’t mean all girls will instantly salivate over it. That being said, I kind of like it, it’s cute.

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