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Almost Real Halo Energy Sword

I happen to have my own energy sword from halo in the form of a blue squishy keychain. I do so love it as I’m sure (read: hope) many of your do too. I also happen to collect real swords so this “real” energy sword is pretty nifty to me and I want it.

Fujitsu LifeBook P8010

The new LifeBook is on its way (February) and some of its finer details have been confirmed. I know the MacBook Air is the light of everyone’s eye at the moment but I think the P8010 deserves a little recognition.

Lawnbott LB3200 New and Improved

You may recall the LB2000, a robot that will mow your lawn for you. Well, it’s been revamped and reintroduced as the LB3200 and has a new exciting feature.

Logitec Bluetooth Earphones Necklace

I feel I don’t say this often enough, I love Logitec gadgets. They never fail me and are usually reasonably priced. The LBT-HP210C2BK is a long name for Bluetooth earphones but they look relatively wearable without coming off like a complete nerd, which is always good.

Eye Implantable Camera being developed

There are not a lot of things that creep me out, but the short list of things that do are usually strange and improbable. The implantable bionic eye however, makes the list. I know it would be helpful but the thought just gives me the willies for some strange reason.

Flying Stick Cam Looks as silly as it sounds

I’m reminded of a flying fairy doll my little sister had as a child every time I look at the Flying Stick Cam. The idea behind is moderately cool but the design falls completely flat, in my opinion.

Cherry Ergo-Shark Left-handed Mouse

I know a lot of lefties and I know the importance of having products that fit both right and left handed people, as well as having products that are specifically for each type. When it comes to comfort, it’s better to have a fitted item then an ambidextrous one. A mouse is no exception, it’s something that’s used a lot and so it needs to fit the user comfortably to ease a little bit of the stress of the work day. The Cherry Ergo-Shark left-handed mouse does just that.

Fujifilm FinePix Z20fd

The newest in the FinePix line of cameras is the Z20fd. I have to say that they are one of the nicer looking cameras I’ve seen lately style-wise. Aside from looking good the Z20fd also packs some pretty useful features.

Every Wii Sports Accessory Kit

Ah, the Wii. Everyone wants one and about half of those people, I’m sure, want everything that could ever go with it. Accessories are very important to some people, especially gamers, and now there is an 18-in-1 Wii Sports Kit to make those lives complete.

E-Paper Bracelet and Video Player

It’s my firm belief that anything made by a company called the Chocolate Agency has to be worth something. The E-Paper bracelet isn’t quite a product yet, just a concept, but it’s still a great idea and it makes me very curious.

FreePlay Companion Power Source

FreePlay Companion Power Source

All in one devices seem to be prevalent today. Not to be outdone by gadget consolidation, Freeplay Energy has launched and all in one power source called the Freeplay Companion.

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iMep3 is everything all wrapped up into one

I picture the makers of the iMep3 singing some warped version of the hokey pokey where you put the TV in and don’t leave the DVD player out, consolidation is what it’s all about. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. In any case the iMep3 is your basic all in one.

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