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OTTO Sound Amplifier

I’m fond of white noise, in fact, I’m quite dependent on it because silence bothers me. I feel a whole lot better about that fact now that I’ve seen the OTTO sound amplifier… I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.

GR-312 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Bluetooth and GPS, these are words I can’t go two hours without hearing. The GR-312 seems like the only logical next step in gadgetry, a combined receiver that’s on-the-go capable. Lucky we have people like NaviSys.

Conceptual Fire Extinguisher puts out flames by throwing balls at it

Last year there was a huge fire in my town that did some damage to my place of work. It was the first time “devastating fire” ever really hit home with me and I’m not ashamed to admit I have a slight fear of another fire being started to finish what the first one didn’t. I like to be safe and feel safe and I actually keep a fire resistant body shield in my vehicle. You can never be too safe. I’d really like to the Capsule fire extinguisher brought to life, I’d feel a lot safer with one around.

Toyota Camer Monitors Sleepy Drivers

I don’t condone driving while you’re sleepy, not one bit, and I’m not above calling someone to come and get me if I don’t think I’m fully alert and able to drive. I’ve seen too many people get hurt or killed due to car accidents and that’s why I love this idea from Toyota to install face monitoring cameras that will wake up those of you who don’t know your limit.

Velocity Wirless Speakers go anywhere you go

You know those days when you’re chilling out in the wind and the rain and you’re wishing you had some mood music to perfect the moment? Well, wish granted, the Velocity wireless speaker system is weather resistant so it can go with you always.

Groqit Personal Inventory Management System

I own a lot of stuff as I’m sure all of you do too. Having such a large amount of stuff can sometimes be a hassle when trying to remember exactly which items you do own and which you’ve yet to purchase. The Groqit personal inventory management system is a device that will solve this problem for you.

Gothic computer accessories from Evergreen for geeks with a dark side

If your moods float around in the realm of damp, dour and demonic then you probably would love these new computer accessories. These items will give you that extra bit of evilness in your work area to scare off any nosey co-workers or relatives.

SurfaceSound Compact Car Speaker Phone

If you’re one of those people who talk on their phones while driving you really need to get with the program and hang up or get something handsfree. You’re a road hazard and no matter how skillful you think you are, you’re not. The SurfaceSound Compact is a product you should look in to.

i-XPS 120 Outdoor is the first gadget under the Made for iPod License

Well they had me fooled, all those other gadgets out there that claimed to be for the iPod, I really thought that was there purpose. Luckily there is an official Made for iPod license to weed out all those other inferior gadgets and this speaker dock is the first to get the official seal/stamp of approval.

ZaNa Design Flash Drives Made of Wood, Flint and Amber

We’ve come across some pretty odd flash drives haven’t we? There’s one for every lifestyle, desire or need. I think they’ve just about tapped the creativity of flash drives however ZaNa Design is not giving up and they have some hand-made ones they’re pushing.

Baby Quasar – Age Reducing Technology?

People will do anything to look younger, especially women. It’s kind of ridiculous but people will be buy snake oil in any form. Baby Quasar claims to be the best all around skin care tool.

JCB Toughphone is tough to look at

I usually try not to make snap decisions. I like to give things a chance to be horrible before I deem them so, however I can’t not call this phone ugly. There is not a feature in the world that would talk me into carrying the JCB Toughphone around.

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