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CES 2008: FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Driving at night is hard on a lot of people, my mother included, so I appreciate the thinking behind FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging makes pictures from heat and since everything gives off heat, it only seems to make sense to give yourself a better view during the night. Night vision technology is here for the everyday person, not just the military. FLIR had four different cameras on display, each with it’s on special purpose.

CES 2008: Everex Cloudbook UMPC and Gbook Laptop

Today I got to meet with some people from Everex. They showed me their two newest products: the Everex Cloudbook and the Everex Gbook.

The Cloudbook - initially known as the CE260 when first announced last June - is a UMPC and it measures 9” in length and weighs only 2 pounds. It has a 1.2GHz VIA C7-M, ultra low voltage, CPU and it has 5 hours of battery life on a 4 cell lithium-ion battery. It also features 30GB of internal storage, DVI-I, 4in1 card reader and 1.3MP Webcam, and is based on VIA's own NanoBook UMPC reference design (another version of which Packard Bell currently sell in the UK). The Cloudbook will be available January 25th at Wal-Mart and will retail for $399.

CES 2008: Green Plug UPP

Green Plug was the first developers of digital technology that enable real-time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources. Today I got to experience their newest electronic component chip: the Green Plug Universal Power protocol (UPP). It’s for consumer electronics, residential and commercial builders, automotive, aircraft, and power tool manufacturers.

The Green Plug UPP, once connected with the DC Power hub, can simultaneously power multiple devices, each with their own specific voltage and power requirements. The technology within these devices will minimize solid waste by allowing you to keep your chargers for future use once the device becomes obsolete.

CES 2008: Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit

When you want surround sound without the unsightly wires you can think about Rocketfish. It works with most manufacturer’s home theater systems and receivers and will deliver a clear, crisp sound to give you surround sound without distracting from your style.

It’s very easy to use: you just connect the sender and the speakers, plug it in and turn it on. It has a range of up to 100ft and has the flexibility of being mounted vertically/horizontally on a stand on the wall.

CES 2008: AnyPlay Portable DVR

Panasonic and Comcast debuted their first portable DVR player yesterday. It’s powered by tru2way technology and they call it Anyplay. Comcast put it’s digital video recording into a Panasonic P-DVR platform to create the AnyPlay.

It features 60GB of digital recording capacity, an 8.5 folding LCD screen and stereo speakers. It also comes with a dual audio headphone jack and when placed in a companion dock that functions as a standard DVR, the AnyPlay P-DVR will allow you to watch and record TV programs from your TV. Of course, unlike a traditional set-top box, you can take it with you anywhere.

CES 2008: Digital Media Remote

The Digital Media Remote (DMR) is an advanced programmable remote that has wireless data capabilities. The WiFi connectivity gives wireless setup, access to content and network backup of user settings. No PC is required for installation and it wirelessly updates with new features, content, client software and firmware.

It’s very user friendly and customizable. Its has patented wireless configuration software and device codes and has both the WinWAP brower and the Click365 Mobile Content for messaging, entertainment and gaming. It’s also got off-screen EPG browsing.

CES 2008: Image from Klipsch

The Image headphones are tagged as being the world’s smallest and lightest available on the market right now. They have patented Contour Eal Gels that are anatomically designed to fit inside the ear canal. They are said to reduce ear fatigue as well as provide excellent noise isolation and increased bass response.

Each Image model will come in five different sizes so you can find your perfect fit. They have exclusive extended-frequency KG926 balanced micro-armatures and feature aluminum casing finished in anodized copper. They have aerodynamic shaped black tails which are flexible and reduce cable stress and help to damper and minimize noise.

CES 2008: BT10 MAX 4x

Powermate is showing their MOTOR TREND BT10 MAX 4x Dual Bluetooth Headset. It has “Extreme Noise Cancelling Technology” which they say will cancel 4 times the external noise and is worn with an over-the-head headband or with earbuds.

Since it works with earbuds you get the dual sound and its compatible with most Bluetooth phones. It has call waiting and 3-way calling, voice activating dialing, touch-button volume, one touch answer and AC/DC Chargers. It only weighs 1.5 oz. and has an 8 hour “in use” lifetime and 250 hours of standby time. It works within a 30ft range and comes with a 2 year warranty.

CES 2008: Kenwood’s new amplifiers

The Kenwood USA Corp has several different products out on show including a new line of amplifiers. The Kenwood KAC-9104D is a monaural amp and has 500W (900w at 1&2 ohms) of continuous output. It has a built-in Boost of up to 18dB at 40Hz, a variable low-pass filter and a variable infrasonic filter to help with reduced distortion at ultra low frequencies. It can be combined with a second one in dual mono configuration for a subwoofer of up 1,800watts of power. It’s 30% smaller than its predecessor and when it’s released next month it’ll go for around $300.

CES 2008: Interactive Toy Concepts Unveiled M.A.V. – The World’s Smallest Flying Helicopter

CES 2008: Interactive Toy Concepts Unveiled M.A.V. – The World’s Smallest Flying Helicopter

This teeny helicopter comes in at just 2.5” tall, less than 4” long and has a diameter of 3.5”. It fits in the palm of your hand. Interactive Toy Concepts used advanced micro motor technology and patented dual rotor design to enable this Micro Aerial Vehicle (M.A.V.) to have a precise and stable flight. It will have seamless turns, ascents, descents and hovering abilities within a 20ft. range.

It has a rechargeable lithium polymer batter for 7 minutes of flying with only a 5 minute charge. That doesn’t seem like a lot of time but since it’s for kids 10+ I’m sure it’ll be plenty with their attention spans. Expect to see it out this year for around $50.

CES 2008: Pyramat Laptop Sound Booster

CES 2008: Pyramat Laptop Sound Booster

Pyramat had one other game enhancing product that was really hard to miss, the Laptop Sound Booster, and I can vouch for the boosting ability… I could barely hear myself think as I came up to it.

It has two full range illuminating speakers and connects via USB. It definitely amplifies the sound and can support laptops up to 17”. A good feature of this is that it will prevent your laptop from overheating on your legs or your furniture. It also doubles as a writing desk.

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CES 2008: Pyramat PM450-WR Gaming Chairs

CES 2008: Pyramat PM450-WR Gaming Chairs

Pyramat which is all about performance gaming had a few different gaming chairs on show tonight. I got a relatively good look at two of them, the PM450-WR Sound Rocker and the PC Gaming Chair 2.1.

The PM450-WR Sound Rocker has speakers and a subwoofer with wireless audio reception. It has a cordless rechargeable battery and iPod,Mp3,DS Lite and PSP input. There’s a 24GHz wireless transmitter and it’s made from breathable microfiber fabric. It comes with a multiplayer connection, volume/base controls, headphone jack, a storage pocket and it folds away for storage and has carrying handles for easy transport.

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