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Writing for R3 Media since 2006, Chris Davies is currently executive editor for SlashGear and Android Community. Based in San Francisco, he's responsible for SlashGear's editorial decisions and covers all forms of consumer technology. You can follow him on Twitter.

Here’s how Toyota will make autonomous cars practical

Toyota is promising more affordable autonomous cars by turning each vehicle into a mobile map-maker, undercutting current systems in the process. The Japanese firm will show off its new, cloud-centric map generation system at CES 2016 in just a few weeks time, a combination of affordable cameras and GPS together with homegrown software to make sense of data from thousands of cars.

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Now the TSA can force you to go through the body-scanner

Your next flight might include a mandatory trip through the body scanner, with the US government quietly changing the opt-out rules for searches. In a document published earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security outlined an update to the Advanced Imagery Technology protocols used by the TSA at US airports, adding a clause which allows officers to insist travelers go through the controversial machines.

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Pivotal Living Smart Scale Review

Of all the times Pivotal Living could've launched its body-fat measuring Smart Scale, the gluttonous period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is probably the most painful. Still, minimal sticker shock does at least temper some of the discomfort of seeing the results of your excess writ large across your smartphone display.

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Now you can Facebook share iPhone 6s’ Live Photos

Live Photos shot on the iPhone 6s are getting a lot more social, with Facebook switching on support for the Harry Potter-esque moving images. Launched as a camera feature on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Live Photos combine a 12-megapixel still with roughly 1.5 seconds of video either side of it, but initially the sharing options were limited.

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2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Review

"Try the Tahoe" I was told when, a month or so ago, I admitted that Cadillac's vast, attention-seeking, and generally louche Escalade had wormed its way into my cold British heart. According to the commenters, I'd have just as much success - not to mention save a few tens of thousands of dollars - with the 2016 version of Chevrolet's SUV. So, I thought I'd put that to the test.

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ROLI Seaboard RISE Review

ROLI's Seaboard RISE looks like something you'd find Darth Vader playing in his downtime on the Death Star, but it uses the force in far more interesting ways. The company's first product was the much-lauded Seaboard GRAND back in 2013. That debuted the company's unusual flexible "keywave" surface, a layer which could be prodded and poked into delivering not only individual notes but smooth glissandos, complex evolving sounds, and more.

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