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The brightly colored JBL Spyro 2.1 Speaker System

On occasion I do get sucked in like most women, into falling for gadgets that are disgustingly feminine. These speakers would happen to be one of those things, but in my defense it does come in colors besides pink.

Bubble Wrap Calendar lets you pop a bubble each day

How many of you like popping bubble wrap? Admit it, whenever a package comes to your house, you secretly sneak off and pop those little plastic bubbles. Well someone has designed a calendar just for you.

This Bubble Wrap Calendar has 365 days worth of bubbles just waiting to be popped. Rather than using a boring old red marker to cross out the days, you can just walk up and pop a bubble.

Garden Zombie protects your flowers from small children

When you walk by most peoples' gardens, you'll see some kind of cute statue, maybe of a gnome, or a deer. Those are nice and all, but what if you want something a little bit scary for your garden? I don't know about you, but I love this Garden Zombie.

Heart USB Drive from the Solid Alliance

It has been a while since I've managed to dig up a story involving the Solid Alliance, I was worrying that my favorite seller of overly shiny USB devices had given up.  Without the Solid Alliance, who would I have to bash on over and over?!

The USB LED Aircraft Mouse

If you want a mouse with shining LEDs and in odd shapes, then you might need to pick up one of these little guys. Last year they released these, but now they have more colors to choose from.

Rumor – Prius to be the first Solar Hybrid

Nikkei, a Japanese business news source is reporting that Toyota will be unveiling a Prius that will have built-in solar panels. It is also said to be manufactured by Kyocera Corp. There is no official word on this, since Toyota has not actually confirmed the reports just yet.

The Nahamer T450 – yet another toaster concept

Alright, I know, it's another toaster concept design, but this one features an eco-friendly design. Supposedly it is the very first environmentally sustainable toaster.

Joe Blow’s Raygunz – art with geek appeal

If you have a thing for the classic Sci-Fi references, these handmade raygunz would be great to have sitting on your desk. Granted they probably won't hurt anyone, that is unless you throw it at their head, but they're still cool.

The Gamecube WALL-E Case Mod

With Wall-E hitting theaters and even before that there have been a few Wall-E replicas pop up. Some are just non-working units that just look cool and others are very basic robots. This Wall-E is now my favorite so far.

Genesis Electronics Sunblazer Universal Charging Holster

If you'd like to use a bit of solar-power to charge your phone but don't want to carry around yet another electronic device. You can just use this as a holster and then when needed use the solar panel that is attached to it.

The Firewinder Outdoor Light runs off the wind

There are quite a few solar powered items out now, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. Well now you can stand out from your neighbors and have this wind powered one.

The Alternative Clothes Cleaner replaces washer and dryer

Washing machine concepts are rarely anything to get excited over, on occasion there have been some cool designs that would be great for the environment. This new concept will make it possible to hide your laundry in plain site.