AudioCodes MediaPack 252 home gateway connects to just about any mobile device

Oct 5, 2010

I am a big fan of convergence, when you can wrap the functionality of several devices into one device it's a great thing. A company called AudioCodes has announced a new home gateway that will work with just about any mobile device allowing the device to connect to the web called the MediaPack 252.

The thing looks sort of like a vertically standing WiFi router with a VoIP handset sitting in a dock on the front. The device can act as an ADSL2+ modem and has a multiple antenna WiFi router inside, LAN connectivity, supports DECT handsets with HD VoIP, Bluetooth, and an optional battery back up all in one device.

The Bluetooth interface is really cool because it will also any device with Bluetooth to access the internet even if the device lacks WiFi support. If your web connection is critical to your home or office, the device also has a USB port for a backup connection using a 3G USB dongle. If you are using lots of VoIP with the MP-252, it also has PBX capabilities. A UPnP AV Media Server for streaming content around the local network is optional. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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