Audi Travolution keeps track of when traffic lights change

Sep 23, 2008

There's nothing more annoying when driving than coming to a complete stop at a red light only to have it change one second later. Well, besides road rage, that is. But anyway, now Audi is looking to remedy the problem with a new system called Travolution.

Travolution keeps track of when traffic lights change and Audi is currently testing the system to see how it would work in real world situations. It works by networking your car with the traffic signals over a wireless network.

And since the system will let you know when the lights will change, you will know exactly how fast or slow to approach the light. The idea here is that you can save fuel over time by eliminating unnecessary stopping and starting and keeping traffic going smoothly. Travolution may very well be a part of all cars in the future, but we'll just have to wait and see.

[via Slippery Brick]

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