ATI FirePro M7740 GPU headed to Dell Precision notebooks

Aug 4, 2009

Those of you interested in the Dell Precision M6400 notebook series, will be pleased to hear that AMD will soon be outfitting them with their ATI FirePro M7740 GPUs, which will offer a serious graphics boost.

These new chipsets will provide the notebooks with 1GB DDR5 memory, a dual-link DVI output and a 30-bit DisplayPort. This upgrade will make the notebooks targeted toward those who work in graphics professionally.

The chip supports up to 800 unified shaders thanks to its scalable ultra-parallel processing platform. You can see the Dell Precision M6400 notebook series with the ATI FirePro M7740 starting today at SIGGRAPH 2009. The updated version of this notebook will be available later this month, though new pricing has not yet been released.

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