ASUS R2H – big unboxing

Chris Davies - Oct 3, 2006

Goodness, it's a veritable orgy - an orgy, I tell you! - of unboxing photos today.  the next under the kinky lens of the photographer ("honestly, darling, everybody does topless unboxing photos these days") is ASUS' greatly anticipated R2H UMPC, certainly the poster-child of the mini-Tablet revolution and, since its announcement following Microsoft's all-too-successful Origami teaser campaign, the subject of plentiful spec speculation. got their hands on a boxed-up retail R2H and proceeded to encourage it out of its packaging.  I must confess, my language skills aren't much cop and so I'm not having much luck with the text of the article; however, there's plenty of detail in the pictures...

R2H unit & case 

First up, unsurprisingly, is the R2H unit itself - complete with a nylon travel case.  It's still arguably the most attractive of the UMPCs commercially available now, with the etched-out buttons and squared design reminiscent of Motorola's incredibly successful RAZR cellphone.

R2H - left side

Not a huge amount to see on the left side - mini-usb port, stylus dock and a place to hook your lanyard/hand-strap.  Towards the top left of the photo you can see the gold fingerprint reader strip, which has proved incredibly useful for bypassing traditional keyboard-bashing passwords.

R2H - right side

Bit more going on on the right side - wired ethernet and DVI monitor port underneath a nifty flap, with USB, microphone, stereo headphones and power running left to right next to it.  On the top you can see the trackpoint-nipple for mousing.

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