ASUS G73 Stealth Fighter gaming laptop

Jan 6, 2010
ASUS G73 Stealth Fighter gaming laptop

We're generally sceptical about laptops with design "inspired" by something else, but ASUS' G73 gaming laptop does at least make a good hack at channeling some of the Stealth Fighter elements it's apparently influenced by.  We stopped by to check out the mobile powerhouse at CES 2010; check out more live pictures after the cut.

Inside the matte-black finish casing there's an Intel Core i7 processor (which can be underclocked to extend battery life), ATI Mobility Radeon 5870 DX11 graphics (with 1GB of GDDR-5 memory) and 8GB of system memory.  The distinctive angled case allows ASUS to squeeze in a more effective cooling system, which sucks in cool air from the front and blows warm out the back, hopefully helping avoid roasting the user, and ASUS reckon the 5-degree keyboard angle also reduces wrist-strain.

Of course, it's the power that we're drawn in by, and the G73 clocks an impressive 7,260 in PCMark benchmarking.  There's also a backlit keyboard, full HD 1080p display, Blu-ray drive and 3D sound system, along with a subwoofer.  Unfortunately ASUS didn't reveal any pricing or availability information for the G73.

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