Asus Eee 1201N Seashell netbook with Ion hit Amazon pre-order

Dec 4, 2009

You may recall last month that the full specifications for the Asus Eee 1201N netbook turned up online. At the time, we heard the device would be hitting the market in December. That probably had netbook shoppers hoping to grab the 12.1-inch netbook for Christmas all hot and bothered.

The netbook has turned up on Amazon for pre-order and the bit about the machine hitting the market this month was both right and wrong. If you count pre-order as hitting the market then the rumor was correct. If hitting the market means actually being able to buy the machine in your book the rumor was wrong.

Amazon lists the actual ship date for the $499.99 netbook as January 15. That means no putting the 12.1-inch, Atom N330 beauty under the tree this year. That is unless you leave your tree up for a really long time. The little netbook runs Windows 7 and has 2GB of RAM and 250GB of storage.

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