Art Lebedev Scartel WiMAX cellphone concept

Sep 25, 2008
Art Lebedev Scartel WiMAX cellphone concept

Art Lebedev, the design studios behind the Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard, are working with Russian carrier Scartel to develop a WiMAX cellphone.  The so-far unnamed flagship device will include WiFi, tri-band GSM and a 850 x 480 touchscreen, together with WiMAX to take advantage of the network Scartel have just launched in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Currently a draft specification prototype, the Scartel handset would also have front and rear cameras, a microSD slot, 3.5mm headphone plug and an A/V plug.  Hardware controls are limited to call/end keys and a joystick on the front panel, with hold, volume and mute controls on the right side.  A mini-USB socket is on the right, together with access to the SIM and memory card slots.

Who knows how the design will evolve as it moves toward production status - hopefully they'll shift the headphone socket from the left side to the top or bottom in the process - but this is one handset we'd like to see make it over to the US.  The Sprint XOHM/Clearwire WiMAX network could do with all the eye-candy it can get...

[via pocket-lint]

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