Apricorn Mac Array puts a SSD RAID array inside your Mac Pro

Nov 11, 2010

All the Mac Pro geeks out there are about to have a nerdgasm at the thought of the latest product from Apricorn. The product is called the Mac Array and will work with the Mac Pro with the promise of increasing the performance of the machine by up to ten times.

The Mac Array is an internal expansion card for the Pro that plugs into the internal PCI Express x4 slot and adds a four-disc RAID array. You can use the things in tandem as well for even more performance. The Mac Array is built using four 128GB SSDs and the Apricorn SATA PCIe host card. The card adds a total of 512GB of virtual memory to the machine.

Apricorn says that when a Mac Pro using the Mac Array was tested with Disktester the array increased read rates by 10x and write speed by 6.8x. Graphic artists can use the device as a scratch disc for a performance increase of up to 360%. You can get the Mac Array right now with four 126GB SSDs for 512GB total for $1499.

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