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Tempo for iOS brings speed-sensitive video editing

Every once in a while, you’d like to have a timelapse video that suddenly does something else. Maybe a bird flew dangerously close to a friend, or somebody was giving you a hilarious stink-eye as they walked by. If that’s ever been your experience, you’re probably left taking to a desktop movie editing app to get the results you want. … Continue reading

Apple will reportedly let Foxconn resell iPhones in China

Stateside, we’ve got plenty of avenues for snapping up used smartphones. Swappa, Gazelle, and others make for an easy conduit for buying and selling devices. In China, things are a bit less official, and the pre-owned market is like the wild west. According to a new report, the iPhone re-sell market is getting a bit more polished, as Apple is … Continue reading

Apple patents could give next iPhones a superior camera

DxOMark has crowned the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as the kinds of the smartphone camera hill, but it would be quite out of character for Apple if it were to rest on its laurels. Apple has advertised to no small extent the power that can be found in your pocket, especially when it comes to the camera but … Continue reading

Apple, Beats to take on Spotify but maybe on equal grounds

It is no secret that Apple is out to get the music streaming industry. After all, it bought Beats not just for its accessories but also for its streaming service. It is even said that Beats’ own Chief Creative Office, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, is also at the front of reshaping the iTunes app to integrate streaming functionality. … Continue reading

Fantastical 2 arrives on OS X with new look, more features

The stock Calendar for OS X isn’t bad by any means, but there’s one third party app that seems to have snatched the crown away from the bundled offering. Fantastical is, like any calendar app before it, handy for tracking your goings on in life. The difference with Fantastical is that it also makes a home in your menubar, and … Continue reading

Apple patent points to real-time location tracking

In the ‘Messages’ app on your iPhone, it’s possible to see where the people you’re chatting with are on a map, should they share their location. The feature was touted as a reason we should all have Family Sharing groups, as keeping track of each other is sometimes critical. Apple’s Find My Friends app is central for letting you know where … Continue reading


iPad Air 2 Review – Apple builds a new flagship

Apple is bullish on tablets and, for all it may be the slimmest and lightest of its breed, the iPad Air 2 is undeniably its new heavyweight champion. Dropping weight and bulk while simultaneously gaining power, the iPad Air 2 also dips into the best-selling iPhone 6’s pockets for features like Touch ID and Apple Pay. Question is, though, has … Continue reading

iPad mini 3 Review – Refinement not Revolution

For many tablet fans, Apple’s second-generation iPad mini hit the sweet spot. Keeping the bag- and hand-friendly design of the original iPad mini, but adding a Retina display, it replaced standalone ereaders and held the phablet fort until the iPhone 6 Plus arrived. Technology can’t stand still, though, and so 2014 brings the iPad mini 3. With the changes far … Continue reading

OS X Yosemite Review: Blurred Lines

Apple’s morning may have brought new hardware, but it’s OS X Yosemite that could affect the most people today. The Mac OS update has been punctuated with firsts for Apple, with a hitherto-unknown public beta program, along with new degrees of integration with iOS devices. Officially released today, as a free download the price is certainly right, but does Yosemite … Continue reading

Misfit Flash Review

This is the story of how I became a believer in the activity tracking trend sweeping the smart device environment. While I was baffled that anyone would want to exercise in the first place back when products like Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and the Nike Fuelband were launched. Now I understand. I get why it makes sense to want to track … Continue reading

Inateck Macbook sleeve review: classy, cool, & roomy

Inateck recently forwarded along their felt sleeve for the Macbook, which is available for both the Pro and Air lineup. For those looking to outfit their computer on-the-go, Inateck’s offerings are nice. Good enough to make you drop all other cases, though? Let’s find out!

Sennheiser Urbanite headphones Review

The folks at Sennheiser make some of the finest headphones around. They have for quite a while. But some of the most visible headphones in the world today come from a brand with a big “b” on the eardrums. Do they sound better than Sennheiser’s newest slick-looking set of headphones, the Urbanite? No, they do not.

iOS App Reviews

These two iOS apps practically manage your time for you

Admit it — you are terrible at time management. Even though you make calendar appointments, stuff falls by the wayside. If you’ve ever ran into the “uh oh” situation where you wanted to get things done, but totally forgot, we’ve got a few apps that might help you out. From daily routine to vacation sightseeing, these two can manage your … Continue reading

SketchFactor for iPhone review

We’ve all been there; you’re in an area that might be a bit “sketchy”, and make a mental note not to come back, at least at the time of day you were there. You might let a few friends know, too, but what if you could tell everyone? A controversial new app aims to let you do just that.

Want to be in a comic? Try these three apps

Now that Comic-Con is over, we’re sure there is an unpleasant return to reality. The humdrum droll of real life can get you down, but it doesn’t have to. If you want to animate your life, we’ve got a few apps you might want to check out. Whether it be a quick bit of avatar fun, or taking pics and … Continue reading

William Shatner reviews the Facebook app you can’t have

Curious what Facebook Mentions is like? You’re likely not alone, but also not alone n that you’re just not cool enough to be able to take advantage. One of the coolest guys on earth has reviewed it for you, though. William Shatner, who is probably your hero anyway, compares Mentions to your existing Facebook experience.

This app will clean you out — but that’s a good thing

If you’re like — well, anyone — you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around the house you’re not using. The thought of getting rid of it has crossed your mind, but the exercise of listing on Craigslist (and the subsequent lowball offers) is exhausting. A new app, which is rolling out in Austin and San Francisco ahead of other … Continue reading

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