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Apple adds app-specific passwords for iCloud

In their ongoing effort to better secure iCloud, Apple is taking additional steps to let us safeguard our stuff. In addition to two-factor authentication, which came back to iCloud not long ago, Apple is also letting us create app-specific passwords for various third-party apps that access iCloud. The feature will also become standard very soon.

iOS 8 3rd-party keyboards and voice dictation? Not so fast…

iOS 8’s addition of third-party keyboard support may answer one of the most common requests among iPhone owners, but not all keyboards are created equal. While the first add-on keyboards – such as SwiftKey and Fleksy – are already showing up in the App Store, they’re all missing one key button: voice dictation.

Mint utilizes Touch ID in iOS 8 to become more secure

If you’re one to track your finances on the go, you’ve likely heard of Mint. The app that keeps track of your cask flow is also getting a lot more secure. In updating their app to be friendly with iOS 8, they’ve also cobbled in the ability to unlock it with Touch ID.

Apple’s HealthKit is not quite ready for prime time [Update]

Something seems to be wrong with HealthKit. This morning, several Developers noted that Apple had unceremoniously removed their offerings from the App Store, just hours ahead of the launch of iOS 8. Among them are apps from major portals, with one Developer reporting it’s a problem on Apple’s end.

Apple servers are buckling to iOS 8 downloads

If you’re having trouble downloading iOS 8, you’re not alone. As the iOS world rushes to download the latest and greatest from Apple, the servers are feeling the strain. It seems some are having difficulties downloading the update, with reports of server failure trickling in.

Do this before you upgrade to iOS 8

We’re not sure if you know about it yet (heavy sarcasm, there), but iOS 8 is coming. Soon, too. If you’ve not yet downloaded it, don’t jump for your phone just yet. If you’ve not backed up your phone, now is the time.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review: Bigger is Better

Apple promised us something big, and it delivered both metaphorically and literally. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus take Apple’s flagship smartphone in new directions, finally bowing to consumer demand for larger handsets. These aren’t just your old iPhone made bigger, however: a combination of broad hardware improvements and iOS 8 makes sure of that. Question is, does … Continue reading

Ollie Review: Sphero creators double down on remote control

The team that created the robotic sphere known as Sphero is back. Sphero was first revealed in 2010 and continues to have no rival – there’s simply no remote-control device on the market like it. Here in 2014, Sphero (formerly called Orbotix) brings Ollie (originally code-named Sphero 2B) to market with a completely new form-factor – a cylinder.

OS X Yosemite Preview (Public Beta)

Apple’s Mac platform has had a great year. At a time when traditional PC consumption is shrinking, more people are diving into OS X, and the next big upgrade is Yosemite 10.10. Revamping the interface, eroding the barriers between iPhone, iPad, and your MacBook, and seamlessly connecting local apps and the cloud, Yosemite promises to be not only an ambitious … Continue reading

Next Issue Review

This week we’re having a look at the latest iteration of the Next Issue app for digital magazines. What we’re seeing here is, at first, exactly what the nickname for Next Issue suggests: Netflix for magazines. Next Issue doesn’t work with video, of course, it works with a digital magazine format. This system works with an entirely different kind of … Continue reading

iPad olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens Review

The newest 4-in-1 Photo Lens clip from olloclip was made for the iPad family, and this week we’ve got one to work with in the field. This accessory is very similar to what we saw in our olloclip Macro 3-in-1 iPhone lens hands-on back near the end of last year. Here the clip is made for the iPad Air or … Continue reading

Mac Pro 2013 Review

Apple is finally taking the Mac Pro seriously again. Years of seeing the iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad get the bulk of Apple’s design and engineering attention had left many professionals worried that the Mac Pro was to be put out to pasture; now we know they needn’t have worried. In fact, the 2013 Mac Pro has reaped benefits from … Continue reading

iOS App Reviews

These two iOS apps practically manage your time for you

Admit it — you are terrible at time management. Even though you make calendar appointments, stuff falls by the wayside. If you’ve ever ran into the “uh oh” situation where you wanted to get things done, but totally forgot, we’ve got a few apps that might help you out. From daily routine to vacation sightseeing, these two can manage your … Continue reading

SketchFactor for iPhone review

We’ve all been there; you’re in an area that might be a bit “sketchy”, and make a mental note not to come back, at least at the time of day you were there. You might let a few friends know, too, but what if you could tell everyone? A controversial new app aims to let you do just that.

Want to be in a comic? Try these three apps

Now that Comic-Con is over, we’re sure there is an unpleasant return to reality. The humdrum droll of real life can get you down, but it doesn’t have to. If you want to animate your life, we’ve got a few apps you might want to check out. Whether it be a quick bit of avatar fun, or taking pics and … Continue reading

William Shatner reviews the Facebook app you can’t have

Curious what Facebook Mentions is like? You’re likely not alone, but also not alone n that you’re just not cool enough to be able to take advantage. One of the coolest guys on earth has reviewed it for you, though. William Shatner, who is probably your hero anyway, compares Mentions to your existing Facebook experience.

This app will clean you out — but that’s a good thing

If you’re like — well, anyone — you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around the house you’re not using. The thought of getting rid of it has crossed your mind, but the exercise of listing on Craigslist (and the subsequent lowball offers) is exhausting. A new app, which is rolling out in Austin and San Francisco ahead of other … Continue reading

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