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Mac mini 2014 refresh might be coming soon

Leaks, intentional or otherwise, serve to inspire dreams of devices or updates, some of which sadly never come to be. Considering how the Apple’s Mac mini is long overdue an update, it is only understandable that this latest leak about a mid-2014 refresh will stir up hope that the company has not yet turned its back on the mini desktop … Continue reading

New Retina Macbook Pros get SSD benchmark, teardown

Apple’s newly launched Retina Macbook Pros have already been put through the paces — at least, their SSDs have been. The folks at OWC got a hold of both the 13-inch and 15-inch models and benchmarked the drives, as well as giving them a minor teardown to reveal what’s inside.

Ford drops BlackBerry for iPhone

A Ford spokesperson spoke today on the next big internal transition for the company: one of phone switching. Ford’s Sara Tatchio suggested that by the end of this year, 3,300 Ford workers will no longer carry BlackBerry smartphones. Instead, they’ll be switching to Apple’s iPhone.

Verizon’s first sapphire display won’t be iPhone 6

This week leak with Kyocera’s name all over it has appeared with a sapphire-glass front. While we’ve reported the tips on the iPhone 6 having just such a front panel cover, the company known for going above-and-beyond in the strange phone components department appears to have done it again. Here’s the front glass panel that you won’t break.

Apple TV adds FOX NOW, CNBC and more

Apple TV has gained a jolt of new content this morning, with an update for the set-top box bringing four new sources including FOX NOW. Joining the ranks of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and of course Apple’s own iTunes content, the content additions include CNBC for both real-time news streaming and on-demand clips, though you’ll need to have a cable or … Continue reading


OS X Yosemite Preview (Public Beta)

Apple’s Mac platform has had a great year. At a time when traditional PC consumption is shrinking, more people are diving into OS X, and the next big upgrade is Yosemite 10.10. Revamping the interface, eroding the barriers between iPhone, iPad, and your MacBook, and seamlessly connecting local apps and the cloud, Yosemite promises to be not only an ambitious … Continue reading

Next Issue Review

This week we’re having a look at the latest iteration of the Next Issue app for digital magazines. What we’re seeing here is, at first, exactly what the nickname for Next Issue suggests: Netflix for magazines. Next Issue doesn’t work with video, of course, it works with a digital magazine format. This system works with an entirely different kind of … Continue reading

iPad olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens Review

The newest 4-in-1 Photo Lens clip from olloclip was made for the iPad family, and this week we’ve got one to work with in the field. This accessory is very similar to what we saw in our olloclip Macro 3-in-1 iPhone lens hands-on back near the end of last year. Here the clip is made for the iPad Air or … Continue reading

Mac Pro 2013 Review

Apple is finally taking the Mac Pro seriously again. Years of seeing the iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad get the bulk of Apple’s design and engineering attention had left many professionals worried that the Mac Pro was to be put out to pasture; now we know they needn’t have worried. In fact, the 2013 Mac Pro has reaped benefits from … Continue reading

iPad mini Retina Display review – the holy grail of tablets

It’s the iPad mini we’ve been waiting for: Apple’s smaller tablet that, thanks to a Retina display and brand new A7 processor, now punches above its size and makes a legitimate alternative not only for compact-screen Android and Windows rivals, but Apple’s own iPad Air too. That Apple has achieved all that with minimal compromises on weight and battery life … Continue reading

iPad Air Review

Had the iPad lost its way? Not as a range, certainly; over the last twelve months, the iPad mini has been the darling of the tablet scene, coupling affordability with convenience and build quality. The full-sized, 9.7-inch iPad has arguably been sidelined since its smaller sibling’s arrival, but no more as of the iPad Air. Now with a design that … Continue reading

iOS App Reviews

William Shatner reviews the Facebook app you can’t have

Curious what Facebook Mentions is like? You’re likely not alone, but also not alone n that you’re just not cool enough to be able to take advantage. One of the coolest guys on earth has reviewed it for you, though. William Shatner, who is probably your hero anyway, compares Mentions to your existing Facebook experience.

This app will clean you out — but that’s a good thing

If you’re like — well, anyone — you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around the house you’re not using. The thought of getting rid of it has crossed your mind, but the exercise of listing on Craigslist (and the subsequent lowball offers) is exhausting. A new app, which is rolling out in Austin and San Francisco ahead of other … Continue reading

These apps let you share media in a whole new way

Editing media via mobile is getting much easier, but the small screen can make you clumsier than you might like. Apps like iMovie are pretty easy to use, but not always what you’re looking for. These two apps for iOS and Android will make editing your media into a polished, finished product much easier.

This app could make you a Vine or Instagram all-star

Short videos are quickly becoming a favorite new medium for interaction, with the likes of Vine and Instagram making sure we get our dose. From the funny quip to a “long” moment capture, the micro-video movement is on the rise. Rather than take your videos to the desktop, this iOS app could make you a Vine all-star in no time.

These two iOS apps make text messaging fun (finally)

Sending and receiving text messages is like email — boring, but necessary. SMS has never been fun, more utilitarian than interactive. Two free apps could make it fun, though — adding a richer experience to what has become a mundane experience for many of us.

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