Apple WWDC 2009 Keynote Transcript

Jun 8, 2009
Apple WWDC 2009 Keynote Transcript

If you missed our WWDC 2009 keynote Livecast, don’t worry, below is our full transcript of the keynote. We also included a gallery of photos taken during the keynote.

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07:43 am - We are picking up our WWDC 09 badge
08:18 am - Thanks for joining SlashGear for the Apple WWDC 2009 liveblog. The show kicks off at 10am PT
08:18 am - For all the main rumors about what might be announced today, check out our summary post from earlier today:
08:25 am - Crowds of press are stretching round the corner here in San Francisco, waiting to go in and register for this morning's event
08:41 am - We've got our press badge
08:42 am - Meanwhile, the banners for today's event are heavily promoting Mac OS X Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0
08:46 am - We're here with PCMag's Sascha Segan, who doesn't seem too happy with his MacBook
08:46 am - Plus Engadget's Josh, who has paid someone to hold his laptop
08:52 am - Apple's stores have gone offline for "updating"
08:59 am - We're still waiting to go into the auditorium for the keynote
08:59 am - There's an hour to go before it's due to start
09:15 am - We're still waiting outside, there's a big crowd of people and the mood is good
09:22 am - Data and wifi networks here are getting overwhelmed - AT&T already failed for many people here
09:30 am - 30 minutes to go
09:31 am - They're about to open the doors
09:34 am - Everyone is moving into the auditorium
09:34 am - There are a LOT of people here, this may take a long time
09:40 am - We're in!
09:41 am - Music is LOUD and energetic - and it's getting the crowd worked up
09:43 am - There's wifi in here, but who knows how long it will last
09:44 am - We've brought along the MiFi "personal hotspot" just in case
09:47 am - Apple has laid on some power connections, so we only have to worry about dying connections, not dying batteries
09:49 am - power-strips are actually fixed to the back of the chairs in front
09:49 am - Still plenty of people to fit in, and the place is filling up fast
09:50 am - Ten minutes to go
09:52 am - If you're looking for a last-minute catch-up on what might be announced today, check out our summary:
09:55 am - Five minutes to go
09:55 am - Steve Jobs is here!
09:56 am - We are having a little bit of problem with our MiFi
09:57 am - We're being asked to turn off phones and pagers
09:58 am - "Welcome to WWDC 2009"
09:58 am - Can't see any pagers around me, people must already have them on silent
10:01 am - Lights are dimming
10:01 am - The crowd is cheering
10:02 am - they're playing an "I'm a PC" ad
10:02 am - John Hodgman: "I want to be the first to wish you a week with some innovation. But not too much"
10:03 am - "Hello, I'm a Mac - PC is trying to say "have a great conference""
10:03 am - Phil Schiller coming on stage
10:03 am - There are set to be 5,200 developers attending WWDC, from 54 countries
10:04 am - Phil: "Can't you feel the love in this room?"
10:04 am - Showing us a graphic of OS X user growth from 2002 to 07
10:04 am - "Something incredible has happened over the last two years"
10:04 am - Number of active users has tripled
10:04 am - 75m users
10:05 am - added since iPhone
10:05 am - that is, 75m total
10:07 am - Apple and customers are in love with the new MacBook design
10:07 am - They're announcing a new version of the 15-inch MacBook Pro
10:07 am - Unibody chassis, built-in battery
10:07 am - up to 7hrs runtime - up from 5hrs
10:08 am - Plus more environmentally friendly
10:08 am - They can squeeze 1,000 recharge cycles out of the battery
10:08 am - rather than 300 from the old battery tech
10:08 am - It's "just as thin and just as light" as the old machine
10:08 am - and it has the "nicest display we've ever put in a notebook"
10:08 am - They've dropped the expresscard slot
10:08 am - and replaced it with an SD Card slot!
10:09 am - Something people have been asking for for a long time
10:09 am - Apparently only "single digit" customers used expresscard slot
10:09 am - SD is a standard now
10:09 am - it's the fastest notebook Apple have ever made
10:10 am - with up to a 3.06GHz dual core CPU and up to 8GB of DDR3 memory
10:10 am - up to 500gb of traditional hard-drive
10:10 am - or 256GB of SSD
10:10 am - Starts at $1,699
10:10 am - which is lower than the model it replaces
10:10 am - by $300, in fact
10:11 am - $1,699 gets you a 2.53GHz model with 4GB RAM, 250GB hard-drive, 9400M graphics and SD
10:11 am - $1,999 steps up to the 2.6GHz model - same ram but 320GB hard-drive and dual 9400M and 9600M GT graphics
10:11 am - $2,299 gets you 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard-drive and the dual graphics
10:12 am - Also, 17-inch MBP gets an update
10:12 am - 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard-drive
10:12 am - plus the 9400M and 9600M GT graphics
10:12 am - together with a price cut of $300 to $2,499
10:12 am - They'll both ship today, 15 and 17 inch MBP
10:12 am - New 13-inch MacBook too
10:12 am - Built-in battery and new display
10:13 am - 7hrs of battery life (40% more)
10:13 am - Also gets the SD card slot
10:13 am - You can also specify up to 8GB of RAM
10:13 am - up to 500GB storage
10:13 am - the backlit keyboard is standard
10:14 am - plus there's a FireWire 800 port
10:14 am - the 13-inch model is being absorbed into the MacBook Pro range
10:14 am - and will cost $1,199
10:14 am - Basic model gets a 2.25GHz processor, just 2GB of DDR3 ram, 9400m graphics, 160GB hard-drive
10:14 am - oh, and the SD card slot
10:15 am - that model costs $1,199
10:15 am - Step up to $1,499 and you get 2.53GHz, 4GB of DDR3, 9400m graphics and the SD card slot
10:15 am - Both models are available to buy today
10:15 am - MacBook Air is next to get an upgrade
10:16 am - Price cut by $300 to $1,499 for the 1.86Ghz model
10:16 am - The SSD version goes down to $1,799 - a cut of $700
10:17 am - The SSD Air has the 2.13GHz processor as standard, and 128GB of storage
10:17 am - Going over how environmentally sound they are
10:17 am - "World's greenest line of notebooks" apparently
10:17 am - Now moving on to talk about OS X
10:17 am - Talking about Snow Leopard
10:18 am - Betrand Sorre taking the stage
10:18 am - "Great hardware deserves great software"
10:18 am - "What a sharp contrast with Vista our OS is"
10:18 am - people are laughing at that
10:19 am - "Leopard is the most successful software product Apple has ever had"
10:19 am - "By far the best OS written for the majority of customers"
10:19 am - He's talking about Windows 7
10:19 am - "even more complexity is present in Windows 7 - the same old tech as Vista, just another version"
10:20 am - Talking about Windows DLLs, registry, disk defragmentation, and how "no user should have to do that"
10:20 am - Now talking about Snow Leopard
10:20 am - They're adding Exchange support to it
10:20 am - The UI of Finder hasn't changed
10:20 am - but it's now been rewritten in Cocoa
10:20 am - icons draw faster
10:21 am - trash empties quicker
10:21 am - They're describing it as refining 90% of the OS
10:21 am - cancellations happen faster
10:21 am - icon previews are better
10:21 am - animations are improved
10:22 am - They've built Expose into the dock
10:22 am - and the overall installation process has speeded up by 45%
10:22 am - Plus, you'll get 6GB back from your hard-drive once you install Snow Leopard, as it compresses system files
10:22 am - They're demonstrating opening JPEG images
10:23 am - it's now twice as fast
10:23 am - They've changed the PDF handling to better cope with text selection
10:23 am - "We used a little bit of AI"
10:23 am - Mail also gets a speed boost
10:23 am - now talking about Safari
10:24 am - Shipping Safari 4 for Leopard, Tiger and Windows today
10:24 am - having been in beta for a few months
10:24 am - Showing benchmarks of Safari's javascript
10:24 am - They're saying it's 7.8x faster than IE8
10:25 am - Passes all 100 of the Acid 3 tests, the standard for today's browsers
10:25 am - IE8 gets 21 out of 100, btw
10:25 am - Safari gets new "crash resistance"
10:26 am - mainly from a better way of handling plugins
10:26 am - apparently the number one cause of Safari crashes is plugin failure, so they're spinning it off into a separate process
10:26 am - if it fails, you'll get a "plugin not found" error message
10:26 am - but safari lives on
10:26 am - Talking about new Quicktime version, "Quicktime X"
10:26 am - supports color sync and hardware acceleration, HTTP streaming
10:27 am - Modern foundation
10:27 am - Gets a slick new icon
10:27 am - "Super efficient"
10:27 am - the HTTP streaming works with any server
10:27 am - and they've given the UI a makeover too
10:27 am - Now going to demo it
10:28 am - the controls and window fade away when you move the mouse away
10:28 am - Craig Federighi coming on to discuss "features and little touches" of Snow Leopard
10:28 am - Dock and FInder first
10:29 am - New Stacks, which can now handle content
10:29 am - you can go deeper through them, to other folders
10:29 am - preview videos in the thumbnail
10:29 am - scroll through pdfs in the thumbnail
10:29 am - Craig's favorite feature is Dock Expose, apparently
10:30 am - if you click and hold on any app icon in the dock, it exposes just those windows
10:30 am - works really well
10:31 am - You can drop an image directly into Expose from a mail message
10:31 am - Now showing Safari 4's speed
10:31 am - "it is the fastest browser on any platform"
10:31 am - Demo of Google Maps, and it's really really fast
10:32 am - Really quick flicking between Maps/Satellite view/etc
10:32 am - Safari 4 also tracks the top sites you visit, gives a preview of your common webpages
10:32 am - You can also get a cover flow style browse through your history
10:33 am - Now showing QuickTime X again
10:33 am - able to trim and share video direct from quicktime
10:34 am - pull up a visual timeline, then can share the edited clip with friends
10:34 am - simply have to grab the ends of the clip region, adjust, then export to something like mobileme
10:34 am - useful for quick edits that you don't want to open up iMovie for
10:34 am - Bertrand has come back on-stage
10:35 am - Talking about how faster processes have enabled new features in software
10:35 am - "The Power of Silicon"
10:35 am - To take advantage of it, you need new software
10:36 am - talking about three technologies
10:36 am - first, 64-bit
10:36 am - explaining how 32-bit is limited to 4GB of RAM
10:36 am - whereas in 64-bit systems there's no RAM limit
10:36 am - "All the major system apps run in 64-bit mode in Snow Leopard"
10:37 am - Second, multi-core
10:37 am - number of cores are increasing along with clock frequency
10:37 am - They're talking about how to take advantage of that, and of threading
10:37 am - "Grand Central Dispatch" is the new system
10:38 am - built-in support for multicore, and it's across all of Snow Leopard
10:38 am - new Language Extension, Multicore engine, system-wide APIs
10:38 am - New Tools to test your app
10:38 am - object-oriented framework
10:38 am - Demonstrating Leopard Mail
10:39 am - Under Snow Leopard it uses fewer threads when idle
10:39 am - Improves responsiveness
10:39 am - Now talking about graphics
10:39 am - Want to move beyond OpenGL - so they've built OpenCL
10:40 am - They want to use the power for "all kinds of things"
10:40 am - OpenCL brings hardware abstraction, c-based language, automatic optimization and numerical accuracy
10:40 am - it can be used for scientific computing
10:40 am - plus it's an open standard
10:40 am - Now talking about Exchange
10:41 am - Describing Microsoft Office as "a de facto standard"
10:41 am - So they've built Exchange support into Mail, iCal and Address Book
10:42 am - enter your email address and p/w once, and it's linked in all three of the apps
10:42 am - They're demonstrating the Exchange integration
10:42 am - The Exchange setup is simple
10:43 am - it autodiscovers the server based on your email address
10:43 am - syncronizes straight away
10:43 am - Also get Spotlight search for Exchange messages
10:43 am - You get all the existing folders, to-do and notes you've been using in Exchange already
10:44 am - invitations work as expected, in both iCal and Mail
10:44 am - You can schedule a meeting by dragging a contact (or contacts) into iCal
10:44 am - plus details like Room Availability work now
10:45 am - Your personal data is merged with the Exchange data, though not permanently
10:45 am - Exchange demo is over
10:46 am - You'll need Exchange Server 2007 for it to work, but assuming you have that, support for exchange is free in Snow Leopard
10:46 am - All Intel Macs will be able to run Snow Leopard
10:47 am - Snow Leopard upgrade is priced at $29
10:47 am - Family Pack upgrade costs $49
10:47 am - (assuming you're using Leopard now)
10:47 am - It'll be available in September
10:48 am - though today they have a "near final" developers' preview
10:48 am - Now moving onto the iPhone
10:48 am - Scott Forstall coming on-stage
10:48 am - Released the native SDK less than a year ago
10:49 am - so that devs could create "truly native" applications
10:49 am - There are now more than 50,000 apps in the App Store
10:49 am - They've sold more than 40m iPhones and iPod touches, and the apps run on all of them
10:50 am - Passed the 1bn downloads point
10:50 am - back in April
10:50 am - Scott is thanking customers and developerts
10:50 am - Now showing an iPhone developer video
10:50 am - sharing stories from the devs
10:50 am - starts in Tokyo
10:51 am - moves through devs, with them sharing their experiences of the SDK
10:51 am - one dev says its been his "dream" to travel and make his own games
10:51 am - and the iPhone let that happen
10:52 am - others are talking about how great it is they can create something and add it to the App Store so easily
10:52 am - "so pleased to finally get a game published"
10:53 am - "I was at a baseball game and they showed a commercial for my app. I watched a bunch of fans pull out their phones and start downloading the game"
10:54 am - "I have to stop and say "whoa this is a mobile device" because it feels like a desktop"
10:54 am - Moving on to talking about push notifications and streaming video support in OS 3.0
10:55 am - Now having people from all around the world name their favorite app
10:55 am - Video has ended
10:55 am - Talking about OS 3.0 improvements
10:56 am - over 100 new features
10:56 am - including cut/past
10:56 am - nothing new here from the iPhone OS 3.0 event
10:57 am - developer APIs, undo support, etc
10:57 am - landscape keyboard in email, messages and notes
10:57 am - MMS support
10:57 am - Again, nothing new yet
10:58 am - though Scott has described it as "the big news here is MMS"
10:58 am - 24 carriers will support iPhone MMS at launch
10:58 am - sorry, 29 carriers
10:59 am - AT&T will be ready for MMS at the end of the summer
10:59 am - Yep, people, he said END OF THE SUMMER
10:59 am - now talking about spotlight search across iPhone
10:59 am - searching calendars, music, notes, email
11:00 am - iTunes - you'll be able to rend and purchase movies from your iphone
11:00 am - "great if you're getting ready to board a flight"
11:00 am - plus of course tv shows, audio books and other on-the-go purchases
11:00 am - parental controls added
11:01 am - can limit apps by age, filter TV and movie content
11:01 am - now talking about tethering
11:01 am - "this allows you to share your connection with your computer"
11:01 am - it works with Mac and Pc, over USB or Bluetooth
11:01 am - "it is a seamless experience"
11:02 am - no tethering software on your computer, once it's on
11:02 am - requires carrier support, unsurprisingly
11:02 am - tethering has 22 partners in 44 countries
11:02 am - ominously no mention of AT&T
11:03 am - no AT&T tethering at OS 3.0 launch
11:03 am - Safari Mobile on iPhone gets support for HTTP streaming audio/video
11:03 am - works through firewalls
11:03 am - auto-adjusts for your connection speed
11:03 am - javascript is 3x faster
11:04 am - Safari can also autofill forms based on your contacts data
11:04 am - plus there's password autofill
11:04 am - HTML 5 support
11:04 am - with support for video and audio tags
11:04 am - Now talking about languages
11:05 am - support more than 30 languages
11:05 am - korean, thai, arabic, greek, hebrew, all get added in OS 3.0
11:05 am - New "Find my iPhone" feature
11:06 am - "if you've ever lost or misplaced your phone, it can be traumatic"
11:06 am - demo video has the cast of 30 Rock
11:06 am - Liz Lemon has used her iPhone to take "intimate" photos... and lost the phone
11:07 am - Find My iPhone is a MobileMe service
11:07 am - you can log into MobileMe from any browser, and it will locate your iPhone on a map
11:07 am - big applause for that
11:08 am - sending a message to your iPhone makes it bleep, whether or not you left it in silent mode
11:08 am - plus you can have an on-screen message show, with a number that you specify
11:08 am - plus, in a worse-case scenario, you can remotely wipe it
11:09 am - wipe apparently "cannot be undone or cancelled"
11:09 am - though if you later find the iPhone, you can plug it into itunes and it'll restore from a backup
11:09 am - talking abotu in-app purchases
11:09 am - you'll be able to renew magazine subs and buy game packs within the game itself
11:10 am - reconfirming that in-app purchase is only for paid apps
11:10 am - free apps stay free
11:10 am - and devs get the same 30/70 split in in-app sales as for the original app sale
11:10 am - Discussing Peer-to-Peer support
11:11 am - e.g it can find a nearby player of the same game, and connect you automatically
11:11 am - Also discussing third-party hardware integration
11:11 am - this is no different from the OS 3.0 launch, nothing new
11:12 am - companion apps that talk to 3rd party hardware can connect via the dock connector or Bluetooth
11:12 am - Now talking about Google Maps
11:12 am - and integration of mapping into any application
11:12 am - plus ability to create custom maps
11:12 am - and turn-by-turn directions
11:13 am - Moved onto push notifications
11:13 am - recapping the three types: text alerts, numerical badges and sound alerts
11:13 am - "it will be an incredible SDK"
11:14 am - Now showing what some devs have been doing with OS 3.0
11:14 am - GameLoft's Mark Hickey coming up to demo
11:14 am - Mark is showing Asphalt 5
11:14 am - it has a range of cars - Audi, BMW, Bugatti, etc
11:15 am - 27 licensed cars (and 4 motorcycles) can be raced
11:15 am - you can also access music on the iPhone while in the game
11:16 am - Asphalt 5 seems to play fast
11:16 am - "console quality"
11:16 am - and gets new controls and graphics
11:16 am - new lighting effects and high framerates
11:17 am - demo continuing
11:17 am - moving onto a medical app from Airstrip Technologies
11:17 am - used to monitor patient data on a doctor's iPhone
11:18 am - apparently "the medical community is flocking to iphone"
11:18 am - it can use push alerts to flag up new lab results, emergencies, etc
11:18 am - can stream EKG information over the iPhone's 3G connection
11:18 am - in real-time
11:19 am - it's very clever, but wasted on most people here
11:20 am - "If I see a problem I can pause, scroll back, use pinch-zoom and enable touch-calibration to measure the distance of a cardiac event"
11:20 am - Big applause for this medical app
11:20 am - it's apparently getting FDA approval "shortly"
11:21 am - Now it's ScrollMotion, an ebook company
11:21 am - They have 1m books, 170 daily newspapers and 50 magazines, all supporting in-app purchase
11:22 am - demo is one of the Twilight books - buying it directly from the iPhone
11:22 am - not sure how Amazon are going to feel about this
11:22 am - ScrollMotion's app is called Iceberg
11:23 am - you can copy and paste text from a book
11:23 am - Next up is TomTom
11:23 am - Lots of "ooh" from the audience at that
11:23 am - Pete Frans Pauwels, CTO & TomTom co-founder on stage
11:24 am - He's saying they've developed real TomTom navigation on the iPhone
11:24 am - showing a demo
11:24 am - has POIs, favorites
11:24 am - ability to browse maps
11:25 am - night mode and 2D/3D mapping
11:25 am - turn-by-turn directions
11:25 am - Has portrait and landscape modes
11:25 am - plus they've developed a car kit for it
11:26 am - basically a sucker-cradle for the windshield
11:26 am - with power connector
11:26 am - works in both orientations
11:26 am - "thanks to the accessory framework we can enhance your GPS data"
11:26 am - has an integrated mic/speaker
11:26 am - Available this summer
11:27 am - though they haven't said a price
11:27 am - ngmoco is next on-stage
11:27 am - with their founder, Neil Young
11:28 am - They have a game: Star Defense
11:28 am - it's going to be a big game, too, if the loading times are anything to go by
11:29 am - it's working, and is basically a version of tower defense
11:29 am - can download new galaxies within the game
11:30 am - the woman developer representing ngmoco is very, very enthusiastic
11:30 am - Star Defense is available now, for $5.99
11:30 am - some updates will be free, some - such as expansion packs - will cost
11:30 am - PASCO come on stage now
11:31 am - with their company which is apparently based on a science fair project
11:31 am - basically it allows you to hook up sensors to the iPhone and record data or use it to trigger different things
11:32 am - uses their own PASCO sensors
11:32 am - demo is tracking air pressure as it comes out of a balloon
11:32 am - plotting that pressure on a graph on the iPhone
11:32 am - Scott Forstall is dressed as a scientist - white coat, huge goggles - and is gingerly holding the balloon
11:33 am - Unfortunately the demo didn't work
11:33 am - but the on-screen graph did
11:33 am - Spark app is coming this fall
11:33 am - aimed at kids
11:34 am - Now Zipcar on stage
11:34 am - they do short-term car rental
11:34 am - in fact they're apparently the leading car borrowing service
11:35 am - their app can locate you and show you the nearest zipcar locations
11:36 am - you can tap on the individual pins on the map, to call up the name of the location and a list of the cars they have there
11:36 am - plus you can reserve a car directly from the zipcar app
11:37 am - you can also see details about the indiividual cars, such as how many people will fit in it, how many bags, etc.
11:37 am - you can identify the car you've rented direct from the iPhone - it shows a car unlock remote
11:37 am - tapping the horn button sounds the car's horn
11:37 am - tapping the unlock button actually unlocks the car
11:38 am - Finally, there's Line 6 and their app Planet Waves
11:38 am - sorry, Line 6 a guitar amp company, and Planet Waves with their app ChordMaster
11:38 am - you can control your guitar and amp from your iPhone
11:39 am - they're calling it a MIDI Mobilizer - you can control all of the effects from the iPhone display
11:39 am - unfortunately their demo isn't working very well either
11:40 am - the sounds aren't matching up to the amps they're supposed to be modelling
11:40 am - all of the classic controls are replicated on the iPhone's display
11:40 am - you can tweak gain, treble, presence, etc
11:41 am - they're saying the problem is in the communication between the iPhone and the guitar
11:41 am - it should be able to change the tuning virtually, move virtual pick-ups, etc
11:42 am - They've left the stage
11:42 am - that should be the last demo
11:42 am - iPhone OS 3.0 will be free for iPhone owners - both original and 3G
11:43 am - $9.95 for ipod touch owners
11:43 am - and it's coming June 17th worldwide
11:43 am - "We think you'll love 3.0"
11:43 am - developers, though, get the GM seed today
11:44 am - they need to assign a parental control to their apps
11:44 am - then download iphone os 3.0 and test
11:44 am - Phil Schiller is back on-stage
11:44 am - he's saying iphone 3G was a hit, changed phones forever
11:45 am - changed how poeple thought about phones
11:45 am - "it wasn't that long ago that we were frustrated with these crappy devices"
11:45 am - showing the Time mag quote about "the phone that has changed phones forever"
11:46 am - 2/3 of all mobile browsing is done on an iPhone or iPod touch
11:46 am - talking about available apps - Palm has just 18
11:46 am - Android has almost 5k
11:47 am - He's announced the iPhone 3GS!
11:47 am - The * stands for Speed
11:47 am - "this is the most powerful, fastest iPhone ever made"
11:47 am - same design as the 3G
11:47 am - 2.4x faster at games
11:48 am - messaging is 2.1x faster
11:48 am - excel 3.6x faster
11:48 am - nytimes loads are 2.9x faster
11:48 am - 3x faster javascript
11:49 am - compared to iphone 3g, javascript scores in SunSpider at 15s for the 3GS, 43s for the 3G
11:49 am - supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA
11:49 am - gets a new camera
11:49 am - 3-megapixels with autofocus
11:49 am - overall it's roughly 2x faster than the iPhone 3G
11:50 am - demonstrating a photo taken with the iPhone 3GS' 3MP camera
11:50 am - you tap to focus anywhere on the preview screen
11:50 am - auto-focus
11:51 am - "amazing hardware and software which works together"
11:51 am - low-light sensitivity is improved
11:51 am - macro mode
11:51 am - plus it captures video
11:51 am - macros can be 10cm away
11:51 am - records VGA quality video at 30fps
11:52 am - with autofocus and auto white balance, plus audio of course
11:52 am - video or stills are selected by a simple flick switch
11:52 am - theyre showing a video demo
11:52 am - videos are stored with the photos in the existing Picture app on the iPhone
11:53 am - you can scrub through the video with your finger, plus edit directly on the iPhone 3GS
11:53 am - then send via email or - if carrier supports it - MMS
11:53 am - there's also a new API for it, which means devs can built video capture into their own apps
11:54 am - Moving onto voice control
11:54 am - "wouldn't it be great to dial friends and family from the sound of your voice?"
11:54 am - hold down the home button and the voice control menu pops up
11:55 am - commands are shown scrolling on-screen as you say them
11:55 am - can make calls by voice, but also control iTunes
11:55 am - e.g. "Play songs by the killers"
11:55 am - plus have voice control over playlists
11:55 am - Can ask the iPhone to tell you what's currently playing
11:55 am - and say "play more songs like this" to create a new playlist
11:56 am - iPhone 3GS also gets a digital compass
11:56 am - shows orientation, logitude and latitude
11:56 am - can link to google maps, and it'll get the direction you're facing right
11:57 am - Also talking about new Accessibility features, like VoiceOver - it reads out whatever you touch on-screen
11:57 am - iPhone 3GS also has integrated Nike+ support
11:57 am - other accessibility feaures inclde inverting screen colors
11:58 am - Plus - as asked for by businesses, apparently - hardware encryption on all new iPhone 3GS handsets
11:58 am - They've also improved battery life
11:58 am - up to 5hrs 3g talktime, 9hrs of internet over WiFi
11:59 am - 10hrs of video playback, 30hrs audio
11:59 am - 12hrs 2g talktime
11:59 am - greener too, 23% smaller packaging
12:00 pm - The iPhone 3GS is $199
12:00 pm - for the 16GB version
12:00 pm - and $299 for the 32GB model
12:00 pm - they're the AT&T prices for the US market
12:00 pm - it comes in white and black
12:00 pm - iPhone 3G stays on the market for $99
12:01 pm - starting from today
12:01 pm - iPhone 3GS is available in a week and a half
12:01 pm - the iPhone 3G for $99 is the 8GB model, btw
12:02 pm - iPhone 3GS available on June 19th
12:02 pm - it'll be available in over 80 countries
12:02 pm - by August
12:03 pm - to confirm, iPhone 3GS 16GB is $199, iPhone 3GS 32GB is $299
12:03 pm - the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and UK get the iPhone 3GS on June 19th
12:03 pm - Now showing the new advert
12:04 pm - a lens is looking at the 3GS and saying "I think it's the same"
12:04 pm - someone picks it up and plays with it, and it's super-fast of course
12:04 pm - Schiller now recapping everything from today
12:04 pm - Snow Leopard, iPhone 3GS, etc
12:05 pm - New MacBook Pro range
12:05 pm - And of course the WWDC keeps going for developers
12:05 pm - Lights are coming up - no sign of a "one more thing"
12:05 pm - No, that's it, show is over
12:07 pm - Thanks for joining us today - we hope you enjoyed the liveblog
12:07 pm - we'll have all the news up on SlashGear, plus hands-on with the new products, later on today

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