Apple unveils new iPad 2 commercial touting tech that gets out of the way

Apr 4, 2011

Love or hate Apple, they have one of the most effective marketing machines on the planet. These geeks can take a commercial or product and spin it to appeal to just about anyone. The latest commercial for the iPad 2 has been posted to YouTube and it shows off what happens when technology gets out of the way.

The commercial is really just some shots of people using various apps on the iPad. The apps range from medical offerings that allow doctors to read the EKGs and vitals on several patients at one time to kids using an app to help them learn numbers and letters. The point being that there is a use for just about anyone for the tablet.

The commercial also shows off how easy it is to open and view image galleries and videos. The video and photo segments of the ad also show off how well the gestures for zoom work. The commercial seems pretty effective, what do you think? Check it out below.

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