Apple Lion Presents Mission Control, New App Store Features, Full Screen Apps

Oct 20, 2010

Expose, Full screen apps, Dashboard, and Spaces. All of this leads to Mission Control. This comes inside the beast that is Apple Lion. It begins with the Apple App Store, as it becomes its own monster, the app store instantly on your dock. Inside the store there will be Top Charts, Categories, Featured, and Updates. These work similar to how you imagine they would, but they're right up front and center, and apps, when downloaded, literally jump down into your collection of applications you already own, right there in your dock.

Launchpad, when launched, shows all of your applications on your desktop just like you'd see them if you were on your iPad or iPhone. Simple and easy to use. Folders are created by dragging one app to another, all of it seemingly very simple. PDFs will be super simple to use as, strangely enough, opening apps to Full Screen seems to make them easier to use. Full Screen iPhoto we previewed in another post today, here they show it to be accessible with a simple flick of your finger back and forth. Windows is integrated into this too.

All of this leads to Mission Control. This zooms you out, showing you everything you've got open at once, in a more powerful way than ever before, not just Windows, now showing them in a simple way, accessible with lots of flicks. It's all about flicking now, this entire presentation having been done on the Magic Mouse. Multitouch seems to be the only choice in our future!

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