Apple enforces Sandboxing on all Mac App Store submissions starting next March

Nov 4, 2011

If you have been around the tech world and following Apple news this year, you know that the number of viruses and malware that are targeting the Apple Mac OS have greatly increased. There were two recent Mac focused attacks with one being a Trojan that turned off OS X malware protection. The other was a PDF attack that would upload screen shots to the attacker.

Apple is very serious about keeping the amount of malware, viruses and other attacks on the Mac machines as low as possible. With the new Mac App Store, the chances of a nefarious user opening up a users Mac to attacks using apps thought to be legitimate are increasing. To help prevent attacks Apple is set to start forcing all devs submitting apps to the Mac App Store to use Sandboxing.

Devs have some time to get used the idea and work it into their creations. All Mac App Store submissions have to implement Sandboxing by March 1, 2012. Sandboxing the app will limit the resources the app has access to and makes it more difficult for a malicious app to compromise the computer.

[thanks Antony]

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