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Hyundai rolls out its Blue Link Android Wear app

Barely two months after first making an appearance at CES 2015, Hyundai’s Blue Link platform is finally coming to your smartwatch for real. The car maker has just pushed out an update to its smartphone app that includes the companion Android Wear version. This update will bring almost all the most used functionality of the cloud-based smart car system to … Continue reading

Galaxy Note 5’s Gear VR will be a “full-on consumer” release

This week at GDC 2015, Oculus Rift’s John Carmack suggested that the company would be going full-on consumer release within Samsung’s next release cycle. This does not necessarily mean that Oculus Rift will be released inside Samsung’s next release cycle, but that Samsung’s next Gear VR would be released in a big way. That very likely means that the Samsung … Continue reading Apple Pay to Android app can pose a security risk

For all their advertised benefits, these rising mobile payment systems are pretty much walled gardens of their own. But what if you wanted to use that fancy new wireless system to pay, not just a merchant, but a friend? There’s a new app on Android that proposes to do just that and it even lets Apple Pay users join the … Continue reading

Crysis 3 on NVIDIA SHIELD with Android TV hands-on

The Android version of Crysis 3 has been revealed, and here it is – in a very early form. This game is set to be released later this year – likely at the same time as the NVIDIA SHIELD home entertainment device – but for now it’s in a very early stage of development. This is not a GRID game … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV hands-on

The living room-based center of the NVIDIA SHIELD family has been revealed this week at GDC 2015, and we’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal. This device goes by the name NVIDIA SHIELD – see more about that naming convention in our first detail article if you must – and it’s made to sit beside your television. … Continue reading

Tablet & Phone Reviews

LG G Flex 2 Review – Killer Curves

First you have to prove you’re not a gimmick. Then it’s just a matter of proving you’re better. LG turned heads with the G Flex last year, an Android smartphone with a banana-like bend to it, only to be stung with criticism that its big idea was actually just too big for the hand. Now, 2015 brings a new curved … Continue reading

August Connect and August Smart Lock review

Your connected home is only complete if it’s secure, and that starts at the front door. Though several cameras and motion sensors plan to tell you if something is going on, there’s no better first step for security than a locked door. There’s also nothing cooler than locking and unlocking your home from a phone, and the peace of mind … Continue reading

LG G Watch R Review: best in class

With the LG G Watch R here at the start of the year 2015, we’ve got very little competition in smartwatches. There are several Android Wear watches made by top-tier brands and a few smart watches made by brands we’ve not ended up sticking with for long. But for now, it’s a war with hardware. LG G Watch R’s body … Continue reading

VSN Mobil V.360 Camera Review

The V.360 camera presents a fairly remarkable media-capturing proposition: the ability to capture panoramic (360-degree) videos or photographs with one tap. No stitching, no multiple-shot photography necessary. This system uses a mirror, instead, as well as a 4K/16 megapixel image sensor. You’re using a fixed f/3.0 aperture here and you’ve got the ability to capture up to 6480 x 1080 … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review – Side-screen side eye

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an exercise in obsession with using the biggest and the newest in smartphone tech. This smartphone is not necessarily the most well thought out for the end user – you, and it’s not necessarily the best smartphone solution for your everyday life. Instead, like the original Galaxy Note, this device presents a unique … Continue reading

Android Apps

‘Restaurant concierge’ app Reserve comes to Android

Have you ever wanted to walk into a restaurant, eat, and not pay? Android users can, now that Reserve has come to the Play Store. The app allows users to simply get up and leave at participating restaurants, as it takes care of your bill for you. It can even make a reservation, and currently has “more than a hundred … Continue reading

Google Now gets third-party app support with update

After yesterday’s earnings report, which brought news that Google may not be as strong in Search as they once were, the company is announcing changes to Google Now. The mobile-first search skin, which brings in cards packed with information based on your usage, will now allow third-party apps to deliver info to you. Google says over 40 new cards will … Continue reading

WhatsApp gives us another reason not to side-load apps

Those reports we see now and again about malware for Android always have a pretty strong narrative thread: don’t download apps outside of the Play Store. When you side-load apps, you open yourself up to all kinds of bad things, which is typically when malware takes hold. WhatsApp Plus, an app created for use as a WhatsApp client, has been … Continue reading

Google Translate Word Lens and live translation hands-on

The team behind the Google Translate app have successfully created a tool that I can take to Spain to figure out where to find pizza without menu photos of said pizza. Thank you, Google Translate team. Today we’re seeing an update to the Google Translate app for iOS, and an imminent update to the Android version of the app as … Continue reading

Aviate Android launcher: the Yahoo experience

This week we’ve had a chat with Mark Daiss, Product Manager for Yahoo Aviate & Aviate Co-founder on the successful launch and continued updates to the Aviate Android launcher app. With the addition of Yahoo search to the app this week, the full replacement of your standard smartphone user interface is primed for action. Just in time for Christmas, just … Continue reading

Vine update adds needed features for Android

Unlike Hyperlapse, Vine is giving Android some attention. An update rolling in today brings some iOS features with it, like the ability to choose videos from your device, and edit multiple videos down to a six-second clip. All in all, the update should make you want to use Vine much more.

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