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Google announces Ubiquitous Computing Summit

Google will hold a dedicated ubiquitous computing event this year, encouraging developers to make software that runs across phones, tablets, smart homes, and wearables. The Google Ubiquitous Computing Summit will take place this fall in San Francisco, the search company announced today at its annual developer event, and focus on blurring the boundaries between form-factors and locations, making better use … Continue reading

Project Ara makes history in brief I/O appearance

Project Ara may not have had the staring role at I/O today, but that didn’t stop Google’s modular phone from making history in its scant moments on-stage. The Google ATAP session was dominated by Projects Soli and Jacquard, but Ara made a one-final-thing appearance at the very end to show off its now-functional hot-swappable modules and even demonstrate its camera … Continue reading

Qualcomm partners with Google on Tango phone

While both units remain “developer units”, Google has announced that Project Tango is prepared now as a tablet for the public and as a phone with Qualcomm inside. The Project Tango Developer Kit tablet will be available from the Google Store as early as this afternoon to all buyers. It’ll have the same price as it did for developers most … Continue reading

Google Photos: today’s best solution for automatic photo organization

Releasing a new edition of their already in-place Photos app ecosystem, Google re-vamps their software with a set of tools that trumps the competition. What makes this particular solution so excellent is the ease with which you’re able to implement it. This solution uses information built-in to your photos – location, for example – and seeks out similarities in photos … Continue reading

5 things consumers need to know about Google I/O 2015

Google presents their yearly developer-aimed conferenced centered on a new version of their mobile operating system Android, Google Now [On Tap], Photos, and a “new” payment system called Android Pay. The company has decided to release offline features for several of their major apps for countries with small mobile web imprints as well. They’ve also brought more heat to the … Continue reading

Google debuts Smart Lock password manager for automatic logins

While Goggle’s keynote at I/O 2015 yesterday was practically bursting at the seams with new information about Android M, the latest version of the mobile OS, there have also been a number of smaller, less high-profile announcements made. One such case is a new cross-device password manager they’re calling Smart Lock for Passwords. At first it might sound like a … Continue reading

Tablet & Phone Reviews


If Nexus Player was Android TV’s trailer, NVIDIA SHIELD is the platform’s first big blockbuster. This piece of hardware exemplifies all of the high points of NVIDIA’s hardware history, taking the Android TV operating system to a place that not only shows off everything Google’s done, but adds on features that make this environment even better. In NVIDIA SHIELD you’ll … Continue reading

LG Watch Urbane Review – All that glitters isn’t gold

You can understand why Android enthusiasts might be resentful of the Apple Watch. Android Wear has been around long enough for manufacturers like LG to release several generations of smartwatch, but listen to some and you’d be excused for thinking Cupertino had invented the segment. Into the fray wades the LG Watch Urbane, promising genteel luxury instead of geek chic, … Continue reading

R2-D2 Galaxy S6 Edge SkinIt Review

In the wake of the preview announcement of the Iron Man Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, SlashGear turns its eye to the Poor Techie’s Solution. Here we’re taking a peek at another SkinIt skin for our device. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved front display glass, and therefor presents a bit of a challenge for case makers … Continue reading

LG G4 Review – The hero Android needs

Life’s not so good when you’re stuck in the shadow of a big rival with deep pockets, but if anything can drag LG into the sunlight, it’s the new G4. LG’s flagship Android smartphone for 2015, the G4 takes what we loved about the G3 before it – and made it into the Android-to-have among those in the know – … Continue reading

Nexus 9 Review: The iPad-Killer Blueprint

After a half-year on the market, the Nexus 9 remains one of the finest tablets available from any manufacturer. Like every Nexus device Google has ever offered, the HTC-made Nexus 9 was meant to be a blueprint – a benchmark for all other tablets. What we’ve done here is to take the Nexus 9 through the paces over a period … Continue reading

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Review: Surprisingly Good

The device you’re seeing here is not what it seems. While you might have never owned an Alcatel smartphone before – and you might never have even seen one in the wild – they’ve been around for a while. Here, with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, the company has created a device that aims to take out the top tier … Continue reading

Android Apps

Free Android apps found tracking personal data

The Google Play store is a veritable frontier for apps of varying degrees of quality, while Apple tends to rule its App Store with an iron fist, only allowing thoroughly vetted apps to make an appearance. Only apps that are visibly malicious are barred entry to the Google Play store, leaving room for apps that aren’t completely honest with their … Continue reading

FREAK security hole: Passwords on Android and iOS apps at risk

At first, we thought the FREAK security vulnerability was isolated to Internet browsers. Then, it became clear that Windows OS is vulnerable to FREAK attacks. The latest news is that this problem is now able to affect smartphones and mobile devices through apps on Android and iOS. The FREAK vulnerability is a security backdoor created by an old Clinton administration … Continue reading

Google’s new events app is just for Google events

Yesterday, Google released an app on the Play Store that seemed to mimic their I/O app in a lot of ways. At the time it was flopped into the Play Store, there wasn’t much to discuss. It was clearly an internal project that was either released early (and lazily) or by accident. Either way, it was limited. At the time, … Continue reading

Mapillary creates maps with crowdsourced street views

Mapillary is taking crowdsourcing to the streets, or more precisely, street views. Instead of relying on a single authority (cough, Google Street Views) to relay street level photos, Mapillary lets anyone upload photos of their environment. Mapillary uses the idea that locals can create better images of their surrounding environment than an automated car passing through a city. You can … Continue reading

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