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Google shuffle: CEO Larry Page transfers product power to Pichai

Sundar Pichai has been moving up in the world over the past several years. Word this afternoon is that Google CEO has done some reorganizing of staff duties, putting Pichai in charge of core Google products. While he’d had responsibilities with Android, Chrome, and Google Apps before, Pichai will now take control of search, maps, Google+, commerce and ads, research, … Continue reading

Inbox by Gmail invites sent out this morning [UPDATE]

Starting right away this morning you’ll find that Inbox by Gmail invites are being sent out to the masses. If you’d been on the wait list, you might very well be in right this minute. If not, you’ll be invited very, very soon. This goes for Android and iOS users as the invites are not OS-centric. Inbox is a setup … Continue reading

Top 4 apps for your Halloween shenanigans

It’s Friday, and that means Halloween is officially one week away. This is the last weekend before the holiday, and so it’ll likely be filled with some sort of festivity: maybe a trip to a haunted house or a costume laden block party. Your smartphone will no doubt be following you wherever you go, and so having some apps on … Continue reading

LG G Watch R global rollout announced

If you thought that the smartwatch craze has died down, think again. Just recently Google has revealed the latest update to the Android Wear platform, bringing GPS support, standalone music playback, and the strappings of Bluetooth audio output. That goes hand in hand with the start of pre-orders for Sony’s GPS-toting SmartWatch 3. LG, of course, isn’t going to be … Continue reading

LG reveals NUCLUN chip, G3 Screen spotted in leaked photos

As if on cue, LG has finally acknowledged that it has indeed been working on a mobile processor of its own. And it isn’t called Odin anymore. Opting for a stranger name instead, LG has announced the LG NUCLUN. This octa-core ARM chip sports the usual mix of Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 cores, but it does bring one very appealing feature … Continue reading

Nexus 9 hands-on – Google’s tablet grows up

A new HTC tablet has been a long time coming, and so the Nexus 9 takes no chances, HTC partnering up with Google to make not only the Android retort to the iPad Air 2 but a showcase for what Lollipop can do when given more than a smartphone screen. Replacing the Nexus 7 with a larger, more premium – … Continue reading

Tablet & Phone Reviews

Sony Xperia Z3v Review

Over the past week we’ve had a look at the third in a line of Sony’s “Z” devices in so many years, this one called the “Z3″ when it’s not carried by Verizon. This version of the Xperia Z3 goes by the name “Z3v”, appropriately, as it runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The only differences between this “v” model … Continue reading

Shutter HALO review: a selfie’s best friend

Capturing the moment is something we all enjoy, and we’re turning to our smartphones more and more to do so. If you’d rather be in the shot than hidden behind the screen, Shutter Halo might be what you’ve been looking for. The small button links to your camera via Bluetooth, and lets you snap a picture remotely. Now you can … Continue reading

Nabi Big Tab HD Review: the world’s biggest Android tablet

Supposing you’ve seen our previous massive tablet reviews, you know SlashGear isn’t about to dismiss a device just because it seems absurd from the outset. Take a look at our Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC Review, for example – it runs Windows, so Nabi keeps the crown in Android. Here in 2014 we’re seeing not just one, but two … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Phablet Refocused

Samsung can’t afford to stumble with the Galaxy Note 4. The fourth-gen phablet arrives as Samsung wakes up to a new, and not especially rewarding, phase in its mobile life: the discovery that throwing a hundred designs at the market and hoping at least some of them stick no longer has the same sales success as it once did. At … Continue reading

Misfit Flash Review

This is the story of how I became a believer in the activity tracking trend sweeping the smart device environment. While I was baffled that anyone would want to exercise in the first place back when products like Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and the Nike Fuelband were launched. Now I understand. I get why it makes sense to want to track … Continue reading


Welcome back to what I consider the world’s most versatile tablet. When I reviewed the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet just a few weeks ago in its Wi-Fi edition, it became immediately clear what NVIDIA was aiming for – a tablet that’s made for gamers, but rolls with the punches for anyone else that might want to take a stab at it. … Continue reading

Android Apps

Vine update adds needed features for Android

Unlike Hyperlapse, Vine is giving Android some attention. An update rolling in today brings some iOS features with it, like the ability to choose videos from your device, and edit multiple videos down to a six-second clip. All in all, the update should make you want to use Vine much more.

Report: Google taking tighter control of Android

Android is open source software, but if you want to run Google’s version of it, there are rules. Now it sounds as if those rules are getting a bit more stringent, as Google aims to tighten their grip on the platform just a bit. A new report details just how much more Google your Android handset might be.

Android apps are now running on Chrome OS

Everyone is going cross-platform these days. Microsoft’s Windows is (by and large) Windows, regardless of what device you use it on. Apple’s handshake deal between iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite keeps things separate but friendly, and now google is getting into the mix. The fist round of Android apps running on Chrome OS are live, with heavy-hitters like Evernote … Continue reading

Malware blocking app mysteriously pulled from Play Store

In a time when identity theft and information pinching is prevalent, it seems salient that you’d want something that could protect you from being tracked without your knowledge. Disconnect Mobile does just that, blocking you from being tracked or fed potentially malicious ads. Once removed from the Play Store, Disconnect Mobile came back last night. The return didn’t last long, … Continue reading

These apps let you share media in a whole new way

Editing media via mobile is getting much easier, but the small screen can make you clumsier than you might like. Apps like iMovie are pretty easy to use, but not always what you’re looking for. These two apps for iOS and Android will make editing your media into a polished, finished product much easier.

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