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Adobe answers your ‘what about Android?’ question

Sometimes, people forget. Even Developers. Once, people forgot about Dre, and it was a disaster. Lately, its Android that has fallen victim to being forgotten, and it sucks. Twitter has made several changes (and released new apps) that bypass Android altogether, and Meerkat is just now making its way to Android. Adobe, who make a series of apps for creative … Continue reading

Halo won’t hit Android any time soon

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft wasn’t about to release their full-fledged first-person shooter Halo game to the mobile universe straight away. Instead – as was planned and on the books for months – the first Halo game to be released to the mobile universe was Halo: Spartan Strike, and it was released for Windows Phone, Windows 8, … Continue reading

Baidu’s Android-based smartwatch OS gets a landing page

Google might be the household name in web search and services globally, but in China, Baidu has more clout. As if to take that competition one notch higher, Baidu is teasing some details about a smartwatch operating system that, while based on Android as well, is set to compete with Google’s own Android Wear platform. Dubbed the DuWear, this smartwatch … Continue reading

Google search on Android now shows even uninstalled apps

Google has been slowly, very slowly, spreading its App Indexing feature on Android in order to help users discover which Android apps possess content related to what they are looking for. However, that feature had one significant limitation. It only showed results from apps that are already installed on the device. Well, not anymore. Google has just opened up the … Continue reading

Field Trip update brings contextual cool to Android Wear

Google’s Niantic Labs, responsible for Ingress and Field Trip, have launched a new version of Field Trip that fully supports Android Wear devices. With a simple glance at your smartwatch, you can now get contextual information on a location or landmark you may be near. The information all comes via the Field Trip app for Android, and offers the full … Continue reading

Meerkat pops it’s head up on Android with public beta

When Meerkat was soft-launched earlier this year, it caught the Twittersphere’s attention in a big way. Then Twitter cut Meerkat off from its social graph for a hot minute, which came just ahead of Periscope landing on the scene. With Twitter taking the live-streaming reigns, many figured Meerkat was going to be a ‘fun fact’ in the history of streaming apps. … Continue reading

Tablet & Phone Reviews

LG G3 Google Cardboard VR headset Review mini

The first thing I said to myself when I placed the “VR for G3″ against my face was “ouch.”* This piece of equipment is made of hard plastic, and is the beginning of something much bigger for LG and the Virtual Reality universe. They say so, in fact. “This is just the beginning,” they print on a card in the … Continue reading

BeFunky review; your new go-anywhere photo editor

Editing photos has come a long way since Photoshop popped up on the scene. A nearly exhaustive list of services and apps dot the photo editing landscape, many offering to do one specific thing. Some offer more flexibility, and have hence become a platform instead of an app. BeFunky is the latter. Cross-platform, BeFunky wants to be your go-to editor … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Review

Samsung has a lackluster track record making flagship smartphones with serious lust-appeal. Its plastic-bodied Galaxy range was the Camry trying to play in Mercedes and Audi territory, earnestly ticking the boxes on the spec sheet, but failing to grasp that owners care about a sense of prestige as much they do a roster of the latest functionality. The Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Review

After a few weeks of use, one thing is clear: with the Honor 6 Plus, Huawei isn’t messing around. While this device will not be released internationally – nor will it be coming to the United States – Huawei has delivered a smartphone that’s worthy of your attention. In the future, we hope, Huawei will be able to continue their … Continue reading

myCharge RazorMax review; classy and powerful

Battery packs are easy to come by, but each offers its own take on best practices for charing your devices. Some even charge all your devices, computer included. Various battery sizes mean different form factors, which can bring you joy or frustration should you have a pack that can’t keep up with your needs. The myCharge RazorMax is probably one … Continue reading

HTC One M9 Review – Gambling on Quality

What does it take to create a smartphone design classic? For the HTC One M9, the answer is relentless refinement, improving what worked in its metal-bodied predecessors rather than chasing the latest trends. The smartphone spec arms-race is relentless, however, notable as much for its hyperbole as the minimal attention span of would-be buyers in carrier stores. If you can’t … Continue reading

Android Apps

FREAK security hole: Passwords on Android and iOS apps at risk

At first, we thought the FREAK security vulnerability was isolated to Internet browsers. Then, it became clear that Windows OS is vulnerable to FREAK attacks. The latest news is that this problem is now able to affect smartphones and mobile devices through apps on Android and iOS. The FREAK vulnerability is a security backdoor created by an old Clinton administration … Continue reading

Google’s new events app is just for Google events

Yesterday, Google released an app on the Play Store that seemed to mimic their I/O app in a lot of ways. At the time it was flopped into the Play Store, there wasn’t much to discuss. It was clearly an internal project that was either released early (and lazily) or by accident. Either way, it was limited. At the time, … Continue reading

Mapillary creates maps with crowdsourced street views

Mapillary is taking crowdsourcing to the streets, or more precisely, street views. Instead of relying on a single authority (cough, Google Street Views) to relay street level photos, Mapillary lets anyone upload photos of their environment. Mapillary uses the idea that locals can create better images of their surrounding environment than an automated car passing through a city. You can … Continue reading

‘Restaurant concierge’ app Reserve comes to Android

Have you ever wanted to walk into a restaurant, eat, and not pay? Android users can, now that Reserve has come to the Play Store. The app allows users to simply get up and leave at participating restaurants, as it takes care of your bill for you. It can even make a reservation, and currently has “more than a hundred … Continue reading

Google Now gets third-party app support with update

After yesterday’s earnings report, which brought news that Google may not be as strong in Search as they once were, the company is announcing changes to Google Now. The mobile-first search skin, which brings in cards packed with information based on your usage, will now allow third-party apps to deliver info to you. Google says over 40 new cards will … Continue reading

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