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Need for Speed will soon charge for gas

There’s a new Need for Speed game coming to your iOS and/or Android devices this week, one that’ll charge for gas. It’s a “wait or pay” sort of game, as many in-app purchase-toting games today are. You can also pay to customize the look of your car or give it a nice boost in abilities. But don’t forget your precious … Continue reading

Facebook Lite: an app with JUST the basics

Android users can rejoice today as the development team behind the mobile Facebook app collection have released Facebook Lite. Made initially for low-resource smartphones, this piece of software is also perfectly legit for any other sort of phone – especially if you only ever use Facebook for reading your News Feed and sharing photos. This app has been released in … Continue reading

Nexus Player breaks out into Best Buy and Newegg

Android TV is such a novel concept, not to mention implementation, that it will require a lot more exposure before it becomes the de facto Android living room experience that Google most likely wants it to be. In this case, the more people that can get their hands on an Android TV device, the better. That is why the availability … Continue reading

MakerBot releases Android app to control 3D printers

As most often the case, iOS usually gets its version of an app first before Android. Now fans of Google’s mobile platform need not be green-eyed anymore. MakerBot has finally released an Android app for its 3D printers that will enable users to control and monitor their 3D printing activities from a bit of a distance. But don’t go dreaming … Continue reading

HTC Desire 626 gets it own set of leaks

Though HTC is naturally putting its best foot forward with its upcoming HTC One M9, and the One M9 Plus too if you believe the rumors, it hasn’t forgotten fans of its more affordable Desire line. Coming on the heels of other HTC rumors is the Desire 626, unambiguously a mid-range camper that is somewhat surprisingly running on a MediaTek … Continue reading

Tablet & Phone Reviews

VSN Mobil V.360 Camera Review

The V.360 camera presents a fairly remarkable media-capturing proposition: the ability to capture panoramic (360-degree) videos or photographs with one tap. No stitching, no multiple-shot photography necessary. This system uses a mirror, instead, as well as a 4K/16 megapixel image sensor. You’re using a fixed f/3.0 aperture here and you’ve got the ability to capture up to 6480 x 1080 … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review – Side-screen side eye

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an exercise in obsession with using the biggest and the newest in smartphone tech. This smartphone is not necessarily the most well thought out for the end user – you, and it’s not necessarily the best smartphone solution for your everyday life. Instead, like the original Galaxy Note, this device presents a unique … Continue reading

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Review

The Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is a unique piece of work. Lenovo didn’t fall into the same trap many manufacturers make in creating tiny boosts for their devices each year, changing only base configurations. They didn’t say, hey, this YOGA Tablet is neat enough, let’s just give it a better display for the tail end of 2015. Instead they’ve … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Android Lollipop Review

This week we’ve had a look at what it means to be rolling with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with a full Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. This isn’t your everyday average upgrade – it’s not like we’re using the Nexus 9 that just happens to be branded by NVIDIA. Instead, this is the first non-Nexus tablet to receive the update, complete … Continue reading

Nexus 6 Review – You want to lick this Lollipop

A new Google smartphone is a big deal, and the Nexus 6 is a very big phone indeed. Largest so far of Google’s collaborations with handset manufacturers, and first to see Motorola take the Nexus reins – ironically just as the two firms part company – it’s a riff on this year’s Moto X but with a new turn of … Continue reading

Android Apps

WhatsApp gives us another reason not to side-load apps

Those reports we see now and again about malware for Android always have a pretty strong narrative thread: don’t download apps outside of the Play Store. When you side-load apps, you open yourself up to all kinds of bad things, which is typically when malware takes hold. WhatsApp Plus, an app created for use as a WhatsApp client, has been … Continue reading

Google Translate Word Lens and live translation hands-on

The team behind the Google Translate app have successfully created a tool that I can take to Spain to figure out where to find pizza without menu photos of said pizza. Thank you, Google Translate team. Today we’re seeing an update to the Google Translate app for iOS, and an imminent update to the Android version of the app as … Continue reading

Aviate Android launcher: the Yahoo experience

This week we’ve had a chat with Mark Daiss, Product Manager for Yahoo Aviate & Aviate Co-founder on the successful launch and continued updates to the Aviate Android launcher app. With the addition of Yahoo search to the app this week, the full replacement of your standard smartphone user interface is primed for action. Just in time for Christmas, just … Continue reading

Vine update adds needed features for Android

Unlike Hyperlapse, Vine is giving Android some attention. An update rolling in today brings some iOS features with it, like the ability to choose videos from your device, and edit multiple videos down to a six-second clip. All in all, the update should make you want to use Vine much more.

Report: Google taking tighter control of Android

Android is open source software, but if you want to run Google’s version of it, there are rules. Now it sounds as if those rules are getting a bit more stringent, as Google aims to tighten their grip on the platform just a bit. A new report details just how much more Google your Android handset might be.

Android apps are now running on Chrome OS

Everyone is going cross-platform these days. Microsoft’s Windows is (by and large) Windows, regardless of what device you use it on. Apple’s handshake deal between iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite keeps things separate but friendly, and now google is getting into the mix. The fist round of Android apps running on Chrome OS are live, with heavy-hitters like Evernote … Continue reading

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